Good Morning

Feldbrunnen surroundings 18.04 (5)

It is just blue skies this morning and yesterday and since the beginning of the week. Of course I appreciate the nice summer weather, although I do appreciate some white fluffy clouds now and again. It is funny how people transform when the summer is approaching. Neighbours are seen more in the garden, clothed in shorts, perhaps even a bathing costume. The sun is here and the body at last changes its colour from pasty white, perhaps light pink, to a lighter shade of brown for the lucky ones.  I am permanently brown, but in summer more so than in Winter.

The sounds of lawn mowers fill the air and this morning our local gardeners are driving up and down on the paths. I am not sure what they are doing, but probably clearing away the remains of the Winter.

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

Yesterday the only journey I embarked upon was in the car as passenger with Mr. Swiss to the local supermarket. I took a few photos on the way, but nothing special. This one is when we were passing the local high school, which is hidden in the trees on the right. I just noticed I even managed to capture a few mistletoe bushes in the tree in the background.

Today I am on my own, Mr. Swiss is away at his class reunion, but will probably be back in the later afternoon, although I will have a visitor in the afternoon for an hour. My cleaning lady will be calling past to care for my kitchen.  I now do most of the basics myself, except for a thorough clean of the bathroom, shower and kitchen, that is still too much for me and will probably remain too much. I now have more time for myself when she does the job.

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

I spent the best part of the evening reading outside on the porch. That is the great advantage of the warmer Spring evenings. The temperatures are pleasant and daylight is still there, although a Kindle always has enough light to read.

And now to move on. I almost have a holiday today, with no shopping to be done and no great stress. I only have to cook for No. 1 son and myself so what could be better. Take care everyone, will see you later.

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m sharing your blue skies this morning here in Illinois. However, I’m very envious of your porch sitting. I had a sick day yesterday due to a bad throat (teachers and sore throats are not a good mix) and was able to sit out on the step for only 5 minutes til I felt winter’s chill. Today, high hopes after school. Predicted temperatures are in the 60s. Hallelujah!

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  2. Today, while not exactly ‘warm,” it is much warmer and it is also sunny. For the next couple of days, we will have moderately comfortable temperatures and best of all – SUNSHINE. I have a garden full of green and growing things, but nothing is blooming. Give them a couple of warm, sunny days and I think, suddenly, finally, SPRING for us, too!

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    • We are now getting into summer temperatures. I was out for an hour in my chair and the sun was burning down. Everywhere the tulips are flowering and the trees are in full bloom. I just hope that it stays.


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