Daily Prompt: Authentic

Pat 09.09.2016

Yes it is the real authentic me, well almost. Then I was more young and lovely, photo taken in September 2016,  The funny thing is today I am wearing the same old summer shirt still have the same glasses although I have two pair I usually wear these when I am going somewhere. My hair was due for a visit to the hairdresser in this photo, and today it is also due for a visit, even more so. Since my brilliant accident with breaking a leg I decided I had more important things to care for than a hair cut.

The colour of my hair is authentic grey. I almost never wear any make-up, I am too lazy for it  and I would have to search until I found something to use.

As far as writing is concerned, it is all my own work. There is no-one in my family that is mad enough to write a blog, they leave it to me.

After examining my various x-ray photos I have discovered that I have a few non genuine pieces holding my body together. My left arm has a steel plate with about 15 screws. The newest addition to the metal colection is in my left leg: a large sort of screw holding the top bone in the leg together, two screws horizontally placed through the leg and a long piece of metal inside the bone. I had a long piece of metal holding my left elbow together, but that has been removed in the meanwhile as it was threatening to become independent and was beginning to prod through the arm. I have also now discovered a lot of tiny pieces of metal, looking like staples, which had been deposited in various internal operations in my body. Perhaps I have become the bionic woman over the years.

Actually I enjoyed this prompt. I had no idea what to write, but this is all about I, me and myself, so what could be better. It is all the real me, what could be more authentic.

Daily Prompt: Authentic

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Authentic

  1. So … you can’t go near an MRI machine, right? All those nuts and bolts? I have a necklace which says “No MRI” on it, but it was making my neck itch. I am authentically me, too, discounting for the moment the pacemaker, two implanted heart valves, two fake breasts, and a plastic piece of fibula in my right leg. Otherwise … pretty sure the rest is me.

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    • I have a sneaky feeling I have pieces in my body that no-one told me about. When I had a closer look at the x-ray of my leg, the photo included a bit of the body, and I saw all sorts of little clips floating around, like the bits you have for stapling paper together.


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