Good Morning

Morning Sunshine

It certainly makes a big difference in the morning when summer is around the corner. Mr. Swiss opened the blinds and I thought someone had switched the light on. Brilliant sunshine streamed through the window: no problem, it was time to rise and shine. I took this photo from the kitchen window and what a difference. No more bare trees, everything is growing, even my tulips. The trees are bearing their flowers and what could be better.

It will be a busy morning for both of us today. Mr. Swiss has a doc appointment and afterwards we both have to go on a hunt in the supermarket for week-end food. We did some pre shopping yesterday, have everything planned on our iPhone connection, and just have to shop for the rest this morning. Tomorrow Mr. Swiss has his annual class reunion so I will be alone for part of the day. He organises it in one of the local village restaurants, where the owner was also in his class. Sadly there are less that attend every year. I used to deal with the shopping myself with the car, but it is still too early to let me lose in the traffic with my mending broken leg.

Cows 18.04 (19)

Yesterday afternoon I did another wheelie in my chair and imagine my happiness when I saw that the farmer had now let the cows out. They had been cooped up in the barn all through the winter days and now it is time to enjoy the fresh air and grass under the hooves. It is a shame that I did not take a video of these cows. They were all marching in the same direction to get out and about.

Cows 18.04 (11)

On the other side, a little nearer, there were another group of cows from another farm. They were gathered around their water tank and also enjoying the pleasures of open air life. I walked on and notice there were not so many people around this time, just cows and they can make plenty of noise. I think these were younger cows enjoying their first sunny days.

Feldbrunnen surroundings 18.04 (1)

I wheeled on in the direction of the local burial ground and had a wonderfu glimpse of the local castle Waldegg with the mountains in the background. There were a few wispy clouds and many traces of planes that had flown overhead coming from Zürich Airport, as we lay on the main route towards West.

I eventually returned home as unfortunately I cannot wheel around all afternoon. As the season is changing to warm, and hot and very hot, I decided it was time to sort my t-shirts which were all bundled in my cupboard. It is amazing when you think you have nothing to wear, and when you get around to it, you discover new t-shirts, even comfortable trousers which you forgot you had. I have also lost about 8 kilo in weight, which is not so bad, as my t-shirts now fit me again. They were all a little strained at the edges. I can even wear my trousers comfortably where I had problems in connecting the waist. Being 78 Kg instead of 84 Kg does have its advantages. My waistline is almost there again.

I spent the evening uploading photos and wanting to read on in my Kindle, but German TV had a good criminal play based on a book by Nele Neuhaus, one of my favourite German authors, and a book I had not yet read. Actually I mentioned to Mr. Swiss that it is good that the Germans do not rely so much on imported english speaking films. They really have their own material and it is often very good. I suppose I am in the lucky situation that I understand it all.

So now to action. Whilst Mr. Swiss is away on his mission, I will  be busy with Mission housework and afterwards we will be let free for the shopping expedition. Make the most of the day everyone, see you around. I will leave you with a closeup of the local castle as I wheeled my way on.

Castle Waldegg 18.04.2018

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. A work colleague saw your first photo and commented that it would make a lovely puzzle 🙂 We had some very much needed rain yesterday afternoon – we measured 12mm in our rain gauge and it’s cloudy and gloomy now, so there might be more 🙂 The garden for the first time for a long time got thoroughly watered!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have a jigsaw programme where you can convert any photo into a jigsaw puzzle, although I have never done it. We have not had any rain for a week at least but now it is the sunny days and we spray the garden every day from the hose.


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