Daily Prompt: Parallel

Today is a day when everything is running parallel.


The main event of the day is that our Mowy, bless his little cutting knives, is back in action. It was a worrying time during the building work on our building, not knowing whether he would be back in action after the work was completed. With quivering fingers we/Mr. Swiss attached him to the electricity and nothing happened. We contacted the Mowy man and today he eventually found time in his Mowey world, to call past. There are wires buried in the ground and we were worried that somehow the wires had lost their contact, were even destroyed by builders boots and scaffolding. This was not the problem, the Mowey man said, it was a case of falsely connecting Mowey. He was confused and could not find the way. We have now painted the connections with corresponding nail varnish to ensure this will not happen again.

Today Mowey is again a happy Mowey and he spent half an hour on our lawn, cutting it.

The next parallel was making the beds. Of course we make them every day, sometimes twice according to my habit of having a midday sleep: but today it was time for new bed linen, which we generally do in the morning. However this morning we had an appointment at the supermarket and had to postpone the operation to the afternoon. We were in the middle of the work when the lawnmower man called and so we were again working on parallel jobs.

Although being a housewife, working on parallel situations is no problem. Cooking, ironing and planning shopping lists was all part of the job. Even finding time for a cleaning session was fitted in somewhere. And if I see something interesting then my cameras, and telephone camera, are always ready to add to the confusion.  There is never a dull moment when working with parallels. Even the shadows have their parallels.


Daily Prompt: Parallel

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Parallel

  1. Yay Mowey! I’m in a war with Bear over whether I will have a lawn at all in my side yard which, until this year, was the “human’s yard.” If I wanted to plant shrubs, though, the work of digging holes is done for me. 😀

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  2. Happy for a Mowy that has come back to life!

    We used to have a back lawn, but a crazed snow plower did a real number on it and has not, despite promises, been back to fix the mess. I’m holding his last paycheck. If he wants to get paid, he will have to show up at least.

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