Good Morning


The times of the interesting sunsets are now upon us. I saw this one yesterday evening. We are having almost summer weather and tempertures during the day are up to 25°C, which means out with a t-shirt. I am now even debating wearing my bermudas, the shorter trousers. At home I have been walking around in shorts for the past month.

I am making the most of the weather and time allowing, which it does at the moment, due to being a golden oldie with nothing better to do, I am out and about for an hour or a a little more in the afternoon.

Ducks 17.04 (8)

Yesterday I decided to take a trip along the bank of the River Aare, which is just along the path to where I live. It was a bit of a bumpy ride in my chair, as paths along river banks are stony and uneven, but I continue undaunted. We have quite a duck life on the river, mainly swans and mallards, but yesterday I met a few newcomers. At least they were newcomers to me as I had never seen them before. I have no idea what this is, looks like a mini pelican.

Ducks 17.04 (14)

I continued on my way and saw this duck. I have absolutely no idea what it is, but there seemed to be a duck meeting happening yesterday. It must be the time of the year, and they are probably searching for a mate.

Swans 17.04 (5)

Swans are everywhere and I noticed there are many last year arrivals which have not yet got their white feathers.

I wheeled on and reached the town, but no further. The weather was wonderful and there were many dog walkers along the path. I often saw some soggy wet dogs that had decided to have a refreshing bath in the river.

I have a bit of a silly week this week. The mowey man will be coming to find the interrupted cable somewhere embedded in our lawn, but there is no definite appointment. Mr. Swiss has a class reunion on Friday and will be away lunchtime and part of the afternoon. and I have now arranged for the cleaning lady to come on Friday afternoon as well. I had never had a cleaner before, but since breaking a leg and having MS as well, there are just some jobs I can no longer manage, and Mr. Swiss has his back problems. We are far from being rich, but I have decided in life there are some things that you can have to ease the way, so why not.

I should visit my hairdresser, as what is growing on my head is more a longer version of a punk style, but it will have to wait until next week, as this week I do not have the time. Due to the class reunion we are doing the week-end shopping on Thursday. In my better days I would take the car and do it myself on Friday, but I am not yet driving. Just another obstacle I will eventually conquer, I hope. Life seems to be full of obstacles at the moment, but I notice that when you overcome them the first time, afterwards they are no problem.

Clouds 17.04 (7)

Here is a view from the river path with the Jura mountains in the background and showing the buildings belonging to the estate where I live. Our appartment block cannot be seen on this photo, it is more towards the mountains.

And now to go, I have my daily therapy exercises to execute, combined with housework. I wish you all a good day with lots of fun, or pehaps not, but make the most of it. Every vacuum cleaner has a silver lining, and a bag full of dust somewhere waiting to be emptied.

River Aare 17.04 (10)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I thought it might be a gull. We don’t have pelicans, but you never know. Our mountains have been showing themselves from their best side lately with the wonderful weather.


    • We dom’t have a sea in Switzerand, no coastline, just lakes and rivers. In Winter we often have sea gulls that fly inland, but I have never seen them in Spring as now.


  1. It looks so lovely there. It’s LOOKS nice here, or anyway, it did today, but it was cold! VERY cold. Tomorrow it’s either rain or snow, but we have been PROMISED this time that next week, it will warm up. No, really, it will warm up. My camera is ready. I am ready. I just need the world to be ready. I envy your lovely springtime world!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We have wonderful weather, it is summer. The good thing is there is a slight breeze. It will continue until the weekend. I now sit outside with my computer on the porch and I think we will soon be taking our meals outside.


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