Daily Prompt: Genie

River Aare 17.04 (3)

This tree has looked like this since at least 2 years, but it is still standing. We have had hurricanes and thunderstorms, but it survives. Not even a bolt of lightening dared to touch its branches. Personally I think it is possessed, just look at it. During the day it stands there in the middle of the meadow on its own. Even the dandelions do not grow near it, they avoid it. And the voices, yes, I hear them They are chatting with each other and suddenly there is hollow laughter. I no longer take this route if I go for a walk in the evening. The strange thing is that the tree has a split personality. There are two main branches and they are reflecting each other.

On full moon nights we see shapes in the sky hovering above the tree. They sink and the next morning you can see the burnt patches of grass around the base of the tree. No-one wants to remove it and so it stays. And the cats that disappear, never to be seen or heard again. Some say it is because the local waste disposal is near, you can see the chimneys in the background, others are sure it is because our nuclear power plant influences its growth. The genie? No there is no genie, I do not believe in them.

Daily Prompt: Genie

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Genie

  1. Maybe it will become one of those old hollow trees in which the little wild creatures live, full of insects that the birds love to eat … and always that perfect shape against the sky. Don’t be surprised if you should see new sprouts come up along its root system. Our old trees too that often. The tree may die, but the roots don’t.

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    • It wouldn’t surprise me if something might grow there, but it has been there for some time. I surprises me that it did not collapse at the last big storm. Today I had no idea what to write. I had been out for some time and when I returned I was a little late.


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