Share Your World – April 16, 2018

List things or events that changed your life?

Moving to Switzerland from London, England

Speaking Swiss German all day

Marrying Mr. Swiss and having kids

Discovering that I have diabetes and later MS

Complete this sentence: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s…

Mrs. Angloswiss in her wheelchair armed with a camera

What genre of music do you like?

A bit of classic, a bit of mainstream jazz and a bit of hard rock. I just love music.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? 

I am getting there despite my recovering broken leg. I can now move in and out of the bath independently, I can do almost all of my daily chores and my daily routine is retourning.

Flower Bush 15.04 (2)

And it is Spring.

Share Your World – April 16, 2018

Daily Prompt: Crank

There is a German word, Krank, the same but spelt with a capital “K” instead of a “C”. It is often used in the German language and means “ill”, so a word in daily use. You could also say “Er ist krank” having a double meaning that he was not really thinking straight, but we are in an english based site.

I remember in my younger days in the fifties seeing cars parked at the roadside. The owner would arrive, and turn on the ignition and nothing would happen. It would be necessary to operate the crank shaft in this case, which was somewhere hidden in the car. Every car owner had a handle. He would attach it into a hole at the front of the car in the middle, below the radiator and turn the handle. This would turn the crank shaft to put the motor into action. This was usually accompanied by various profanities as we all know a work needs profanities to help. Eventually the car motor might make a noise showing its good intentions, and then would die again. Another turn and if you were lucky the engine would decide to react, and the driver would jump quickly into the seat and drive away. That is the only memory I have of a crank.

Hot Air Balloon 15.04 (3)

And now for something completely different. Mr. Swiss called me outside yesterday with my camera. He found a good subject hovering over our home. This did not need a crank shaft to set it in motion, it was a hot air balloon. There were two of them hovering in the air so I was ready for a prize winning shot. Nothing particularly special, but neither is a crank.

Daily Prompt: Crank

Good Morning


You get sunrises and sunrises, but this one this morning was particularly impressive: a little bit of everything. It was supposed to rain yesterday evening with Sahara sand and all the works, but there were only a few drops and it gave up.

Black Swans 15.04 (11)

I was out and about yesterday afternoon and visited the chickens and company. The black swan pair now have a family to look after and they went for a walk with their three chicks following. It is wonderful to watch them. Mum and dad are always close together and the chicks in between. I am surprised to see the babies are more white, but I suppose with time the feathers will change to black.

Ducks 15.04 (4)

Every time I take a wheelie  in my chair in this direction I discover something new at the pond. I had never see this duck before. They certainly have some interesting birds. It is a wonderful place which is mainly a stable complete with horses. They added the chickens and now sell their fresh eggs. Then they made a pond and the ducks and geese arrived. There is always something new to see. Luckily I have my zoom lens with me that cuts out the wire around the enclosure and gives me a close up.  I was not really intending to visit the animals, but just popped by to see what the black swans and their babies were doing, and I got hooked and eventually came home with 80 photos on my camera and another 10 on my mobile phone.

I also had quite a few challenges to complete yesterday evening for WordPress. Ok, I do not have to do them, but anything combined with photos arouses my interest. I decided to leave the photos to the last and then I soon discovered that my online photo programme was playing up again. I was eventually finished at 10.30 pm with everything, including my MS injection. I usually have everything done by 8.30 pm at the latest.

Japanese Cherry Trees 15.04 (1)

I cut through the cemetery on my way home and noticed that the ornamental Japanese cherry trees were still blossoming, but they will soon be finished.

And what are we doing today? It will be a shopping morning, no big deal, and in the afternoon my physio terapist will be paying a visit with more torture exercises. They are usually exercises to get me moving. I have now developed a good system. I combine doing them with working at the computer and cooking. I can practice standing and sitting when my computer is going through various scans before closing down, and whilst I am preparing food  I can do my balancing act.  I now even risk a few steps without anything for support, but very carefully.

I will now wish you all a good start to the week and may it be a good one. If it is cold and snowing, remember it will eventually go away. Otherwise may the weather be with you. I noticed some interesting cloud formations yesterday on my walk.

Clouds over Jura 15.04 (4)