Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 15, 2018

Solothurn 08.04 (9)

When I saw this tower with the twigs at the top I took a photo. When I uploaded it at home I was surprised to see that there was one of our local storks sitting in the nest.

Solothurn 08.04 (11)

It is definitely odd. Saw it at the local high school in the grounds, I think it is something to do with flying.

Ornaments 08.04 (2)

Family stork seem to be quite comfortable.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 15, 2018

Daily Prompt: Song


I heard many songs this afternoon when I went for a wheelie in my chair. The birds were singing their heads off, celebrating the wonderful weather and I felt good. You might have MS, might have broken your leg four months ago, but just an hour, or was it a little more, does wonders. The feel of the wind in your hair, if you happen to be wheeling in the second gear, and the steering really is inspiring.

I was on my way home and  saw these flowers in a bed, next the local road train station. I then heard the song of motor bikes. It seemed to be the time of the year when the bikers make the most of the sunny days. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.


I think they saw me as I was holding my phone up for a photo: at least they were looking in my direction. It could not have been better with a background of our local castle Waldegg and the Jura mountains. I can imagine they were thinking what is a golden oldie in a wheelchair doing taken photos. I also had my camera with me and zoom lens, but they were packed in my bag.


Clouds never fail on my photos, and there were a few interesting formations singing along this afternoon. Apparently we will be getting blood rain this evening. There is Sahara sand in the air which might change its colour when the rain falls.  I cannot wait, another opportunity for some interesting photos, I hope.

Daily Prompt: Song

Good Morning


It is asparagus time again. It is a sign of Spring that they arrive in the store. My son lives in Switzerland on the German border and tells me in Germany they have stalls along the roads where you can buy them freshly picked from their mounds. We have both green and white asparaagus. The white ones grow in mounds to keep the sun away and keep them colourless. I use the green more for cooking in a risotto with rice. They give work with peeling them and chopping off the hard ends, but the result is a tasty evening meal.


Which we usually serve with ham and other dried meats. A sauce hollandaise  is also a companion, and no, I do not make it myself, although it has been known in the past. It is not worth the time and trouble. The local store delivers a good ready to make powder. It is a sort of tradition for us to eat it on Saturday evening.

I notice that my Facebook page now confronts me with the following

“Protecting Your Information

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe.

We have banned the app “This Is Your Digital Life,” which one of your friends used Facebook to log into.” etc.etc.

I know all about this and that Mr. Zuckerberg even had to appear in front of a government hearing, so what am I supposed to do. If you join Facebook, and even have a computer, your life is no longer your own. And so all my likes are registered – no problem, it is part of online life. Everyone knows all my secrets. I am sure it makes an impact when my digital life knows about the murders I have committed (none so far) and details of my school life (which is actually in a separate section and nothing record breaking). I even re-blog my WordPress articles, although on my own community, but it might not be a community,  a world data base.

It doesn’t bother me, if it did I would not have joined a social site, any social site, in the first place. When I go I will leave footsteps in the world data bank. I must add that a shirt and tie does not suit Mark Zuckerberg, I prefer him in a t-shirt.


My daffodils on the table on the porch have at last opened their flowers. They were a sort of special offier at the store and I did not know what colour they were. I was delighted to see they have orange centers. They will now stay on the porch and when they are finished I will plant them somewhere in the garden.

As I did not go anywhere yesterday and do interesting things, there is nothing new in Angloswiss land. I just had a easy day, practicing walking on my leg and hoping I do not fall down during the exercises.

Enjoy the Sunday, I will. I will have fun doing a bit of cleaning and cooking and might even go for a wheelie in my chair this afternoon. It is strange, housewife cleaning is always a chore but since I am recovering from being out of action with a broken leg, I treasure every little bit I can clean again and am even beginning to enjoy it. Somehow it shows me that things can get back to normal. When I am cleaning windows, I know that I have returned.