Daily Prompt: Deplete


It all began a year ago with the scaffolding. Wooden planks were fitted to the ground and on top we had scaffolding reaching to the roof. The weight rested on our lawn for eight months until they were removed. We were afterwards left with a depleted lawn bearing traces of missing grass where the planks were. The gardeners arrived, in October, and new grass seeds were distributed everywhere -in October? Of course they had no chance to grow in the midst of Winter. Now we have spring and our own private gardener visited a week ago and sewed fresh seeds again – to replace those that the birds had eaten in the meanwhile. It now looks promising.


It is still bare in places, but there are grass seeds below the surface. We have an automatic lawn mower. There are cables beneath the earth attached to the electric and they guide the mower around the lawn. It seems that due to heavy builder boots, scaffolding and acts of god, somewhere the cable has been interrupted, the result being that Mowey travels for a few seconds and loses the way. His sense of direction has been depleted.  We have contacted the Mowey agent  and when he has time he will find a solution. We were told by the building company that everything will be restored after the work was finished, Someone will have to pay for the damage and it will not be us.

Outside Plants

In the meanwhile No. 1 son has fetched my four large pots from the cellar containing 2 canna and 2 calla. I was glad for his help as I can no longer lift them. I have also put my various amaryllis outside to care for them during the summer with water and fertiliser. I am now ready to go.

Outside Plants

I also have various indoor plants that have now been removed to the great outside. I am hoping that we no longer get surprise frosts during the night and that they will survive.

Otherwise nothing has been depleted, it is all being re-animated.

Daily Prompt: Deplete

Good Morning

Clouds 13-04 (25)

Yesterday there was so much happening in the sky, I returned home from my shopping trip with at least 30 cloud photos, one more interesting than the other. Belonging to the cloud appreciation society, I have a book and some explanations about the cloud names. I am not an expert and my clouds are mainly cumulus, but they seem to be divided into various sub groups. I have discovered that now being a golden oldie, learning no longer comes as easy as it used to, so you must bear with me. I shot this photo on the way home from the supermarket over the roofs of our local town of Solothurn.

Clouds 13-04 (1)

And this formation was hovering over the back garden in the afternoon. It looked quite dramatic. It was a bright sunny day, although a cold wind was blowing.

I did not go anywhere special yesterday. We have probably now solved the problem with our automatic lawn mower, known as Mowey to us, that did not want to go for a walkie across the garden when it should. It seems that we should have switched something on and today he should begin to cut the lawn in the afternoon all by himself. If not, the guy will have to come and examine why not. Our water supply is also now working in the front garden. All it needed was to attach the shower head correctly and not back-to-front. No more comments, he who should not be mentioned made a small mistake.

Horse Chestnut 13.04 (3)

The next horse chestnut adventure is that the leaf buds are opening more and I am hoping for some flowers eventually.

Today, being Saturday, I will leave any shopping excursions to Mr. Swiss and I will tend to the appartment and lunch. The progress report on my broken leg could not be better. I now only use my walker at home for convenience to transport important items such as my iPad and Kindle and iPhone, otherwise I am now just stick bound. After at last buying a stick attachment for my walker, it is much easier to change my transport system. I still use my walker mainly for shopping in the supermarket, as only depending on a stick is still a little exhausting. In the meanwhile I have noticed how many golden oldies have a walker. We often cross paths in the supermarket with a nod and smile

I am also doing my daily exercises to strengthen my leg muscles in my broken leg. One is to rise and sit on a chair 10 times. I do this whilst my Malware bytes programme is running before closing down my computer to combine it with another chore. Another exercise is balance, shifting from one leg to another or swaying backwards and forwards, keeping the feet on the ground. This can easily be done whilst cleaning teeth and I need no support from my stick or walker. Now and again I even take a few steps free footed.

I will wish you all a good day and leave you with a flower arrangement from the local burial ground. It is Spring and the cemetery gardeners are busy renewing the flowers.

Spring flowers