Good Morning

Alps 12.04 (1)

I decided to go for another wheelie yesterday afternoon in my chair. I cannot resist going places when the weather is so good. I got some good views of the Bernese Alps again from the top of the hill where the local castle is situated. Currently we have good weather conditions. There were some clouds gathering around the peaks.

Clouds 12.04 (1)

The alps are in the South. Looking towards North we have the Jura which are sort of direct behind my village, which also looked good yesterday. They are not so high as the alps and more for hikers and walkers than climbers.

Cows 12.04 (3)

And the cows are now out on the meadows again, after a long Winter in the barn. They seemed to be enjoying their newly found freedom and celebrated with a lot of mooing and other cow noises.

I was not really intending to take a photgraphic journey, but just wanted to enjoy the fresh air and warmth. If the weather continues like this I might even get a sun tan, a wheelchair one.

Black Swans 12.04 (3)

On my way to the castle I caught a glimpse of the black swan pair with their babies with some chickens looking on.

Today is another Friday with week-end shopping, so yesterday it was time to compose yet another list. Life seems to be full of week-ends at the moment, time goes so fast. This time last year our builders moved in and transformed our surroundings into pure chaos. I have still not recovered from the lost summer we had. Yesterday Mr. Swiss fetched Mowey, our automatic lawn mower, out of his exile in the cellar. He fitted it up and switched it on and waited for its walk: nothing happened. We have organised the guy that deals with it to have a look. We are hoping that the builders did not do anything to the cables buried in the ground. That could become an expensive  job, but basically not our problem, because the building company can pay.

Today I will not be on any journeys. This afternoon a guy is coming to switch on our water supply for the front garden. Another legacy from the builders. It was working OK last summer, but one of the final building jobs was to re-organise it and now we do not know where the tap is to turn on the water supply. I am sure it is a simple solution, but we are not prepared to find it. We could do more harm than good.

I am now busy with preparations for my day, like a little bit of cleaning, taking a shower and shopping. Have a nice day everyone. I will leave you with one of the flowering Japanese cherry trees at the local cemetery. It only happens once a year, so I like to make the most of it with my camera.

Japanese Cherry Blossom 12.04 (4)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It is the only way I can get about on my own. Otherwise I would have to rely on Mr. Swiss to go anywhere and he only goes places if he has to. I am now older and have realised that life situations change and I must adapt. Taken selfies of me in the wheelchair is difficult and I wheel alone. I will have to see if I meet a friend that will take a photo. And I must add I love travelling in my electric chair, make the most of it and have fun


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