Daily Prompt: Glimmer

10 years Word Press

Surprise, surprise. I had no idea when I joined WordPress, but I realised that the years had passed by. I have blogged anywhere and everywhere. We all make our child steps somewhere. Many years ago I discovered the word “blog” somewhere in a computer and had no idea what it meant. I discovered it was something like when the teacher gave you a subject for writing at school, we called it a composition. I never actually like writing compositions at school and did not exactly glimmer and shine in my productions. Angloswiss is careless, Angloswiss could try harder were comments left by the teacher. Now I decided to try some blogging almost 60 years later and see if I had learned something in the years in between.

My first escapades were not so noteworthy as I did not really know where to blog or what to blog. I discovered Yahoo 360 which opened its doors in 2005 and closed again in 2009 so it was a short life I lead there. I wrote about this and that, but never really got into it. I made a few friends, but it seemed to me many of us were searching for something we did not find. When Yahoo 360 closed its doors, I read that many were emigrating to Multiply.

I decided to have a try and discovered that Multiply was my thing. There were many photo groups and writing groups. You could connect with other bloggers easily and I made many friends there from all over the world, contacts that I still have today. I was under the impression that this site was also somewhere in the states. Perhaps it was, but suddenly they had a marketing section. You could buy and sell anything from pyjamas to tin pots, just make an advertisement. The blogging platform remained and so we all continued to blog. They had a very good photo section as well. It seems that the site was actually based in Indonesia and one day the announcement was made that they were closing their social section and concentrating completely in marketing.

Bloggers like myself were completely down, where can we go with our blogs? Most of us were running around like headless chickens and trying this and that in the blogging world.  Many fled to Facebook where sections had been established for Multiply refugees. I am in Facebook, and have my own community, but keep my comments to a minimum. At this time I already had a back-up in Blogger.com and in WordPress. I discovered that Blogger.com did absolutely nothing to encourage bloggers to meet and share. I must admit the name “WordPress” sounded professional. In the meanwhile I had grown to like blogging, writing, discussions and combining it with photography. I began at the age of 59-60 and today WordPress tell me, at the age of 71, that I have been with them 10 years.

On the way I have discovered that blogging sites are changing their styles often. Their pubic relations section have the target to encourage new members, to keep up with computer developments and now and again we are confronted with a completely new template and design. I do not always agree with their changes, and do not always clap hands, but I am too old to change now. Basically I like my WordPress even if they do mess around with its organisation now and again without telling me their intentions.

So fellow bloggers, see you around, it looks like we are stuck with each other. Even my cat is blogging and wearing her claws down to the paws with scratching her way through her life story in WordPress.

Daily Prompt: Glimmer

23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Glimmer

  1. I’m seriously considering Typepad. It’s $8.95/month, but that’s just $8/year more than I pay for “premium” WordPress and I am hearing ugly things about their future adventures. Ugly things. The transferring of our huge blogs is something of an issue. NOT impossible, but not easy, either. But I’m getting more and more unhappy here and I don’t see a rainbow at the end.

    TEN YEARS is AMAZING. I’m at six and I thought I was amazing! You are a lot MORE amazing. You are extraordinary.

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    • Funny, Mr. Swiss says that sometimes, or does he use the word creepy. Always good to keep one step ahead I find. I have no idea what WordPress are planning, so I will just wait and see. I don’t really want to go anywhere else. I am getting to lazy in my old age. Up to now I have not had more problems here than usual and it is still working for me.


  2. Wow. You were at Yahoo 360 AND Multiply. Had our paths ever crossed, I wonder. I started just like you at Y!360, moved to Multiply, and now at WordPress.
    Congrats on your 10th 🙂

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