Good Morning

Morning sun

There are some mornings when you realise it will be a good day weatherwise. The sun is shining, there is a blue sky and some friendly clouds, what could be better. I missed most of it as I was still hugging my bed and enjoying it. I had already had a trip around my iPad to see what had happened during my night and decided to sleep a little longer. Suddenly my iPhone and iPad alarms went together: very soothing, bird song, but I switched them off and slept further.


Yesterday they let us out and we went to the village of Niederbipp, which is next touppe Oberbipp (sort of upper Bipp and lower Bipp): not exactly a world wonder, but the drive is very picturesque and at the moment it looked particularly good with green fields everywhere. The reason for our journey was the large market selling various aids for handicapped people. We wanted to look at the mechanical wheelchairs, which are not as expensive as my electric one, and more handy for at home or to put into a car. I was also interested in a stick holder for my walker. It is very well organised and they have a good show room. They also have a staff that make any alternations to the appliance you might need.

The store is situated in a wonderful place and this photo is taken from the other side of the road. I would not mind working in such a place with a view like that. I noticed how green the grass was in this area. We were now in Kanton Bern, as on the road we crossed the border from Kanton Solothurn where we live.

Road to Niederbipp11.04 (24)

It was also a good opportunity to take some photos of different places. On the way the Swiss army passed us. There are barracks in the village of Wangen where they station their equipment and train the soldiers, so you often see military vehicles on the road. A Swiss soldier does his duty three weeks a year, officers perhaps four, until they have completed their service, so there are always soldiers to be seen somewhere.

Road to Niederbipp11.04 (9)

And I saw my first cows on the fields for this year. The weather is now warmer and they are allowed out again to graze.

We finally completed our business and made our way home with a wheelchair in the boot of the car. I will not be needing it so much, as it is important for me to keep in action at home, but Mr. Swiss has chronic back pain when standing or walking and it will be a great help. These things happen when you are a golden oldie.

Today will be a day of relaxation although I will probably go on a photo safari this afternoon to the local castle, or just a safari for as long as the good weather lasts. I now have my usual daily chores so will go further. Have fun wherever you are, and make the most of the day. I try to do that regularly, although it does not always work out that way, but that’s life I suppose.

Road to Niederbipp11.04.2018

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Nice to hear that you are really getting out now. I’m pretty much in bed and breathing through what sounds like rippling mud. But I think I’m getting better, though it is hard to tell right now. Oh well. May spring and I will bloom together.

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    • This was an excursion with Mr. Swiss in another village, almost another country, to get something from a special shop. Otherwise I have my wheelchair to thank for my independent excursions, and the good weather. I feel OK at the moment, just the legs no longer work as well as they should. Get well soon, it can only get better.


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