Daily Prompt: Disrupt

Road to Langendorf 11.04 (1)

This week was cardboard and newspaper collection day. It happens about once a month and we all leave it on the wayside where it is collected. The photo shows the offerings from our block where we live. Make sure your newspaper are tied in neat bundles according to instructions.

Everything you buy today is packed somehow. What always suprises me is that you can buy the smallest article, perhaps something electronc like a switch or plug, and it is packed in plastic with cardboard to the extent that it becomes a king-sized object. It is no wonder that we collect so much cardboard in our lives. Some of these packings are almost impossible to beak open, ruining a finger nail on the way. There are dotted lines to be pressed which should make a clean break in the packing – forget it. These dotted lines are usually welded together with the rest of the cardboard and are only there as decoration. Even a toothbrush has its problems. They are clinically packed and it will take at least five minutes of your time to unpack it.

Glass jars can also be a burden. We have to take the glass articles to the central point in our village where there are varioius containers marked with what they should contain.


Yes we Swiss like to organise our rubbish. There was a time when green glass, brown glass and normal clear glass had to be thrown in separate sections. I once saw the the glass being collected and yes, the men threw it all together on the lorry. I must say since the last few years there is only one container for glass and the colours no longer have to be sorted.

Being a plain and simple housewife is not always easy, I must admit. You just have to make sure the rubbish is nicely organised when disposing of it. There are some deponies in our area where there are sneaky CCTV cameras. Be careful what you throw away and where you throw it, big brother is watching you – do not disrupt the organisation of waste disposal.

Daily Prompt: Disrupt

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Disrupt

    • The Swiss only have perfect systems. It is their way of life. They even have people that are paid to make sure we throw our rubbish in the right place at the right time. Seriously though, it works quite well here. Everyone puts their rubbish where it belongs.


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