Good Morning

Misty Morning

Sun is shining, looks like a good day, but a little misty an very cold. Yesterday was not so friendly and in the early afternoon we had a rain shower. Actually it was not just rain, but seemed to be quite thick and fast, and I think there was a little snow mixed in, but nothing earth shattering: today’s mist is the result.

I was glad for a bit of humidity, especially as my lawn is being rejunivinated. The workmen last year with their renovations really trampeled everything to death.

In my garden inspection yesterday I was pleased to see that my potted hose chestnut had decided to make some new leaves.

Horse Chestnut Leaf Buds 10.04 (8)

It was a chestnut that I picked up from a tree in the vicinity. I put it in the garden to see if anything would happen and it began to grow. This was about 15 years ago. I decided to transfer it to a pot and with time I had to put it in the biggest pot I could find. It is now sitting on the porch and has become a tree. During the Winter it is leafless but now it is Spring and beginning to sprout new leaves. Last year it flowered for the first time. It was a long wait, but the gardener said it was probably because I was cutting it back every year, Last year we had scaffolding and builders with their dirt and mess, but it was like a tree flowering in Manhatten. It produced its first white flower When horse chestnut trees flower, they usually do it in abundance, although I only got one flower last year.

Horse Chestnut Leaf Buds 10.04 (10)

This year I am hoping for more flowers.  I also noticed my apple trees in the garden now have the beginnings of green shoots. It looks like it will be a green spring in my neck of the woods.

I was hugging the bed too long this morning so I have to get a move on. We have a shopping trip as the cupboard is not very full, not quite bare, but meat and veg are missing. This afternooon we also have a trip planned to the place where I got my wheelchair. They have a lot of stuff which is good for assistance if you are handicapped.  It is out in the country, so an opportunity for taking some photos.

Due to my long stay in bed this morning, I should now move on. Have a good day everyone and I hope the weather is with you.

Road to Langendorf 09.04 (7)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. When I was a kid, we used to collect horse chestnuts and used them like money. You get a dozen horse chestnuts for this, or only six for that. So collecting horse chestnuts was quite the thing. I haven’t seen any of them around here. Maybe they don’t grow up here.

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    • We also used to collect them when I was a kid. Even in London we had trees. Today it is not done so much. I think they collect them to feed them to the animals. Of course the other type of chestnuts grow here, especially in the Italian part of Switerland. Those that you can roast and eat.

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