Daily Prompt: Luminescent

Electric rail

It makes no difference where you are at home or what you are doing, somewhere somehow a light will be following you, it might even be bllinking to let  you know it is there. We are in modern times. Just plugging into the mains, is no longer enough. It has to be illuminated to let you know it is doing its job. If you really want to do the job perfectly you have an electric rail with various possibilities for your different plugs.

I happened to find this one in the living room with various leads and plugs leading to a computer. Perhaps even a television is involved, but it is there to let you know that your electricity is under control.

Daytime is not such a bother, we have natural light from outside through the window. At night it is a different situation. I go to bed, hug my covers, turn the light off, or in my case close the cover of my iPad and telephone, and I can rest my eyes from the glare of the day.

You think so?

Electric ToothbrushYour electric tooth brush is reloading the electricity it lost whilst your did your last cleaning operation before going to bed on a surface in the bedroom.

There is no escape from the luminescence of your various instruments, even when you want to sleep. You close your eyes and relax, but before falling asleep you notice a source of light in the bedroom. Did you forget to turn off a lamp, is your electronic alarm playing tricks? Of course not your toothbrush shows a line of green lights at the base. Be assured it is there and recharging to greet you again in the morning with full power. It might bother you, but you will get used to eventually. The green lights show you that it is still thinking of you before you sink into sleep

You turn in bed to face the other direction and escape this green luminescence, but in sleep you turn again and the green light reflects on your closed eyes. There is no escape. Today we live in a luminescent age.

In the morning you switch on your machine to heat the water for the tea or coffee. Mine radiats a blue light until the water boils just to let you know it is there. You want some toast, no problem. When the toast is ready the light on the toaster extinguishes, although the toast automatically pops up, so why do we need a light..

Lights accompany us throughout the day and night.

Night 09.10 (1)
Daily Prompt: Luminescen

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Luminescent

  1. It is so true, isn’t it? At one time I might have been frustrated with it all but these days, it guides me to where I need to be and to find what I’m looking for, lol. Gotta love that glow! smirk smirk

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    • There are lights everywhere, seems to belong to the computer age. We even have one outside at night which is a safety lamp if there are any intruders. The problem is that if a bat flies past, even a moth, the light switches itself on.


      • Because there is a new subdivision being built beside us, and we’ve had “intruders” on the property, we’ve installed several around the house. The cats set them off. Mine doesn’t he’s black but the other two do. The racoons as well. Still, we’ve managed to capture a couple of intruders and called the cops and had them charged. So in the end it was worth it. Inside, my son has added rope lighting along the desk which acts as lighting so we don’t have to use overhead which is often a relief and then, every gadget in the house has lights, from the coffee maker to the controls. Helpful, but when you add it up, a lot of “twinkling” lights. lol

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    • It used to bother me when sleeping with all those sneaky lights, but with time I got used to it. I don’t even have a bedside lamp, just my iPhone and IPad which does the job just as well, should I need light in the night.

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    • Luckily I don’t have blinking lights. I just have to be careful how I position various items that have to be under constant electric current. Thank goodness we no longer need the automatic alarm clocks with their bright dials


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