Good Morning

Morning stormy clouds

After three days of pre summer weather, it is now over for today. The stormy clouds are gathering and it looks like rain, although it does not bother me. It was stress wheeling around everywhere and taking photos. Yesterday I took a different route, a little further to the grounds of the local high school. I like to avoid river banks and nice walks on Sunday, as there are too many people taking the trails.

Ducks 08.04 (4)

My path lead me through the stables and the ducks were ready and waiting for the photo. This one was all spruced up for a photo showing his best colours. I think it is a mandarin duck, but am not sure.

Ducks 08.04 (6)

The rooster was also present, as always, keeping an eye on his harem to make sure they were laying enough eggs. As I walked on I met one of the ladies who works in the stables and so I asked her why they had moved the mobile hen house and why it was empty. She said it is now in anther place and they will be getting a new delivery of fresh laying chickens. This confirmed my suspicions that when the laying days of a chicken approach their end, their purpose is fulfilled and they will be replaced by something younger. The rooster is not fussy, he likes some fresh blood, but the poor chickens, what a life.

Solothurn 08.04 (1)

So I moved on, passing the catholie priest’s seminary where they learn to be priests. The barred gate is always closed. On the opposite side of the road there is a mansion belong to the Bishop of Basel. Solothurn. The kanton where I live, is mainly roman catholic and the chief bishop lives here.

I wheeled along almost reaching the town. It felt great to go places in the wonderful weather we had, no jacket, just a t-shirt. Eventually I decided after almost 2 hours, it was time to go home, and spent some time on my computer and eventually uploading my photos. It was quite a successful evening and I at last finished my book “Manatten Beach” by Jennifer Egan. I can recommend it. It began in the slump years of the 1930’s and eventually war broke out. It all happened in New York. It told of a young lady from an irish immigrant family, that worked in the naval yard and eventually became a diver with helmet and heavy clothing. There are some gangsters involved and her father disappeared mysteriously one day, leaving a bank book behind for the family to survive. I found it a bit of a page turner with its over 400 pages and would recommend it.

And now it is time to go, I have a shopping trip to complete and this afternoon a visit from my physio therapist to mark my progress with my stick and other walking efforts, so no wheelies today. I must admit I really have fun speeding along in my electric wheelchair, with the wind in my hair. It is almost like driving a racing car. I just heard a ring at the doorbell and it was not the postman, as he always rings twice. It is the gardener who has called past to tend to our suffering lawn, after the destructive efforts of the builders. It does not look too bad, but has a few bare patches in between.

Enjoy the day, I know I will – see you around.

Forsythia 08 (2)

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That architecture is exquisite, and in some ways, looks like a grand version of Early American architecture, which happens to be one of my favorites. However, they always have small front doors with no protection from the rain. It looks even sillier on that nice big building. You would think that one could stand out of the rain while waiting for someone to answer the door.

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    • Everything is planned here before it is built. The larger buildings were mostly built in the 20th century and the Swiss like to renovate them from time to time. We have many villas in our area belonging to various families owning companies

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  2. Lots of pretty pictures of ducks and of the forsythia. Ours is blooming here also on East Coast of USA, but it has been cold all weekend and now they are saying more snow in the forecast. Yuk. So I will relax and enjoy viewing your pretty photographs !

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    • If Spring does what it should, then It can be wonderful when it arrives. We had some unfriendly weather up to last week, but now it has at last changed.


  3. I loved all your pics but was especially drawn to the sky photo. Hope the weather was kind that day. You made your wheelchair sound like fun and happy to see you’re managing some weight-bearing exertion – hope my comment’s not putting my foot in it, I’ve not read back for any detail (nor prying) but hoping a speedy recovery is viable and arrives soon. I enjoyed my quick visit and hope to get back another day, but busy AZ-ing and few spare moments for getting around other blogs enough. Best wishes to you and yours 🙂

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    • Clouds are interesting. I belong to the cloud appreciation society and like to take photos of them. My wheelchair has helped me to get my independence again. It is electric and a wonderful way of getting around. As I have MS I tire quickly when walking. I had the bad luck to break my leg in January which did not help.


      • Hope the injury heals as soon as possible and also that the impacts on your MS reduce too. I’m an avid sky snapper too and also have problems walking but access to wheelchairs in the UK is unavailable for illness that’s only ‘M.E.’ unless wealthy so I’ve never had one in my lifetime and just have to manage without. Very glad you have yours, you make it sound fun to have one but I realise the difficulties you’re likely to encounter along the way of using it. I hope my comment doesn’t seem insensitive.


        • I grew up in the UK and am not a friend of the National Health Service, although my dad with his old age faired well in his extra care home. Switzerland has private insurance. My neurologist would have given mr a recommendation for a wheelchair, but not all costs would be covered. I am a golden oldie and cannot take my money with me when I go, so organised my own wheelchair how I wanted it and did not have to wait and paid for it myself, a good investment and I still have time to organise finance from the insurance, although probably only part of the cost.

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