Daily Prompt: Rush

Fire Bugs

The only objects that are rushing in my vicinity at the moment are the fire bugs. They are the first to arrive when the weather is warmer and invade my garden tiles, but they do no harm. I just have to be careful where I walk, that I do not tread on them. They are very busy at the moment, have no time, they are maintaining the species. As soon as they arrive, they connect with a partner and there is no escape. Whether the partner is willing or not, she is attached and they stay that way for a few days. Where I go, you come as well. I see them rushing around all over my garden, they have no time to spare, their numbers must be maintained.

And what about me, am I rushing around, saving time, getting the work done? No, definitely not. Everything I do Mr. Swiss says  “don’t rush” and I am still trying to work out how I should rush. Not only my partner but everyone. “Take your time” and I have plenty of time in any case, but everything goes in slow motion. With a broken leg that is mending, there is no opportunity to rush. Although I would add, this morning I was breaking all speed limits in the supermarket with my walker. I suppose practice makes perfect and I was whizzing around filling my trolley and even the assistants were astonished. I though they might form a row and clap as we left the store, but I was feeling proud. Why rush? There is plenty of time in any case, although we were a little behind our routine this morning.

And now I am sitting outside at the table on the porch: my walking stick resting on my chair  and my walker nearbye. I am not rushing anywhere, life is too short.

On the Porch

Daily Prompt: Rush

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Rush

    • Things could not be better at the moment. Although I had some bad luck at the beginning of the year, every little step more I take is good, and of course no builders. Today the gardener called and spruced up my damage lawn. Even that will recover.

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    • Fire Bugs are always the first. They scutter around all the time, especially if it is warm. Last year we had to put the table into the hobby room in the cellar because we had to have a minimum on the porch because of the building work. We are glad to be able to enjoy it again this year. The advantage is you can always buy bits and pieces to add to it.

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