Good Morning

Mistletoe 07.04 (3)

It is all blue skies at the moment, Spring is doing its best to make way for Summer. I went for a wheelie yesterday along the river and noticed these trees. The leaves are not yet there, but if you look close there will be a few sprouts of green on the twig. What fascinated me was the bunches of mistletoe on the branches. You only really see them clearly in Winter and before the leaves appear. Mistletoe is a parasite and the seeds embed themselves in the wood and begin to grow.  I suppose it takes its nourishment from the tree, but the trees seem to live in symbiosis with the mistletoe, and it makes a good subject for a photo.

Swans 07.04 (20)

As I mentioned I decided to take a wheelie in my chair along the river. The swans were all out, it was almost rush hour on the river. They were probably preparing for a big egg hatching session. I even noticed a couple of swans with their brown feathers, the newcomers from last year.

Ducks 07.04 (7)

There were also a few ducks. I had never seen one like this before on the river. Sorry the photo is not so sharp, but ducks do not wait for cameras I noticed.

It was a bumpy ride along the banks of the river as there is no smooth surface, mostly small stones and gravel. There were quite a few groups of people making the most of the weather. I came across a group of teens making the most of an afternoon in the sun on the rive bank. I heard them before I saw them as they brought their own music with them, something very loud, techno, hip hop, perhaps acid beat, but it did not seem to bother the swans or the ducks. It did not really bother me and I greeted as I wheeled past and they all returned the greeting and were very friendly. I notice their heads were enshrouded in smoke, but I did not smell anything suspicious, so it was probably not weed. I think they were making too much noise to be on a trip.

I speeded along and almost reached the town, but decided it was now time to turn and take the path back home.

River Aar 07.04 (20)

When I see our red bridge with the gasometers behind it, I know I am now in Solothurn. The bridge is a good crossing for people living on the other side of the Aare and especially for the high school kids that connects to the school on the other side of the river.

Yesterday I tried a few steps without support of my stick or walker and it worked. Nothing spectacular, but I noticed I can now put weight on my broken leg. It can only get better.  I also put my potted calla and canna on the porch yesterday, at least my son did as it is too heavy for me. He brought them from the cellar to their summer place. Today I will organise the garden ornaments and summer can come. All we now need is water in the front garden. The back garden connection is working, but not the front. Somehow our building team last year forgot to turn it on at the front. At the end of summer they did some final work and forgot to switch it on. No problem, but we do not know where the new connection is. On Monday someone will arrive to reconnect.

And now to prepare lunch as it will be a slow cook this morning.  Funny how when the weather is so good, it makes you also feel good. Let’s enjoy today. See you around later and hope you day goes well,

Jura 07.04 (2)

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Very interesting ducks. There are a kind of duck (no I don’t remember the name) around here that look like that, but are a different color. Muscovy ducks I think?

    I’m glad walking is beginning to work. Garry got a great cake and balloons today and it has been a great visit. I took about 600 pictures of an event, but didn’t being any software to process it, so i just have a ton of pictures — but all of one single event.

    We’ll be home tomorrow night and probably by Tuesday, I’ll actually catch up with my email! Stay well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is the beginning of the duck and swan season on the river. I usually just see malllards and swans, but there were a few others around this year
      I am getting around quite well at the moment with my stick. The walker is quite good, I noticed, for transporting stuff.. I also have quite a lot of work organizing my photos after taking them. The weather is so good at the moment so I am making the most of it.
      It does good to get out now and again. I even enjoy my Shopping trips.


  2. Cheering you on! It’s so true, we had 2,3 lovely almost summery days last week and we both had a spring in our steps, were smiling more and upbeat on the phone…. remarkable how we let ourselves get downbeat when it’s grey and all covered up outside. What happend to the ‘have sun in your heat’ saying? (Hab Sonne im Herzen – und Wein im Glas…. 😉 )


  3. What beautiful pictures and the river with the ducks on is truly beautiful, lovely to get out and about when the seasons are changing and flowers are starting to spring , hoping it continues.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am making the most of it . The river is down the path to where I live and there is plenty of photographic action there at the moment. I also hope the weather remains goood


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