Daily Prompt: Thwart


Today things got in my way. It is time to change my wardrobe to summer. It is no big problem because indoors I usually walk around in short sleeves all year, so my t-shirts are where I need them. Summer trousers have enough room in the closet, but my shoes are a problem. I have the summer shoes in our large cupboard in the hobby room and winter shows in the bedroom, so there had to be a changeover.

I am now ready to go out with no jacket, we have temperatures of over 20°C and the sun is a constant companion. This morning I had some time and decided to go on an excursion to the hobby room, with my walker. I  had 3 bags full of summer shoes to organise. My No.1 son helped me to put them in the bedroom cupboard  and I removed the winter shoes with the heavy profiles on the soles which we packed in two bags and shifted to the cupboard in the hobby room where they will stay until the first snowfalls and ice next Winter. No problem, at last I was ready for summer and nothing could stop me.

This afternoon I was ready for another excursion into the local wilderness with my wheelchair. I have a wonderful large bag, that Mr. Swiss bought me, to accommodate my camera and zoom lens. Unfortunately during the shoe moving from downstairs to upstairs my bag got lost. I was ready to go and no bag for my cameras. These are golden oldie problems, you tend to forget very easily where you put things. I went to the hobby room and on the way I remembered I had thrown my bag onto the wheelchair. I had to go  upstairs again to check, thank goodness we have a lift. My bag was waiting for me on the wheelchair. Without my nice big bag I cannot transport my camera,  the extra zoom lens and my mobile phone. I was almost thwarted.

I eventually went for my wheelie with all my equipment in my bag. I don’t even have to carry the bag, just sit in my chair and it goes with me, so everything under control. I am now back home and everything is where it should be, I hope.

Daily Prompt: Thwart

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Thwart

  1. A nice update. We are waiting to swap out clothes here. I keep thinking today is the day I can put away the winter coat but when I stick my nose out the door to see the temperature, I realize I was being overly optimistic. So one more week apparently of winter clothes. …

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    • Today it was shopping, no socks, it was great. Today my winter jacket disappears in its cupboard until next winter. I can now walk much better and have almost a spring in my step.


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