Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 8, 2018

Solothurn Cemetery 03.04 (3)

Seen at the local cemetery looking up

River Aar 07.04 (13)

It is not an island in the local river, but just a stone in the shallows poking out of the water. I decided on a close up with the zoom lens and this was the result.

River Aar 07.04 (24)

There has been a real spring cleaning going on in the woods since the last storm. They are chopping trees everywhere.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 8, 2018

Daily Prompt: Thwart


Today things got in my way. It is time to change my wardrobe to summer. It is no big problem because indoors I usually walk around in short sleeves all year, so my t-shirts are where I need them. Summer trousers have enough room in the closet, but my shoes are a problem. I have the summer shoes in our large cupboard in the hobby room and winter shows in the bedroom, so there had to be a changeover.

I am now ready to go out with no jacket, we have temperatures of over 20°C and the sun is a constant companion. This morning I had some time and decided to go on an excursion to the hobby room, with my walker. I  had 3 bags full of summer shoes to organise. My No.1 son helped me to put them in the bedroom cupboard  and I removed the winter shoes with the heavy profiles on the soles which we packed in two bags and shifted to the cupboard in the hobby room where they will stay until the first snowfalls and ice next Winter. No problem, at last I was ready for summer and nothing could stop me.

This afternoon I was ready for another excursion into the local wilderness with my wheelchair. I have a wonderful large bag, that Mr. Swiss bought me, to accommodate my camera and zoom lens. Unfortunately during the shoe moving from downstairs to upstairs my bag got lost. I was ready to go and no bag for my cameras. These are golden oldie problems, you tend to forget very easily where you put things. I went to the hobby room and on the way I remembered I had thrown my bag onto the wheelchair. I had to go  upstairs again to check, thank goodness we have a lift. My bag was waiting for me on the wheelchair. Without my nice big bag I cannot transport my camera,  the extra zoom lens and my mobile phone. I was almost thwarted.

I eventually went for my wheelie with all my equipment in my bag. I don’t even have to carry the bag, just sit in my chair and it goes with me, so everything under control. I am now back home and everything is where it should be, I hope.

Daily Prompt: Thwart

Good Morning

Mistletoe 07.04 (3)

It is all blue skies at the moment, Spring is doing its best to make way for Summer. I went for a wheelie yesterday along the river and noticed these trees. The leaves are not yet there, but if you look close there will be a few sprouts of green on the twig. What fascinated me was the bunches of mistletoe on the branches. You only really see them clearly in Winter and before the leaves appear. Mistletoe is a parasite and the seeds embed themselves in the wood and begin to grow.  I suppose it takes its nourishment from the tree, but the trees seem to live in symbiosis with the mistletoe, and it makes a good subject for a photo.

Swans 07.04 (20)

As I mentioned I decided to take a wheelie in my chair along the river. The swans were all out, it was almost rush hour on the river. They were probably preparing for a big egg hatching session. I even noticed a couple of swans with their brown feathers, the newcomers from last year.

Ducks 07.04 (7)

There were also a few ducks. I had never seen one like this before on the river. Sorry the photo is not so sharp, but ducks do not wait for cameras I noticed.

It was a bumpy ride along the banks of the river as there is no smooth surface, mostly small stones and gravel. There were quite a few groups of people making the most of the weather. I came across a group of teens making the most of an afternoon in the sun on the rive bank. I heard them before I saw them as they brought their own music with them, something very loud, techno, hip hop, perhaps acid beat, but it did not seem to bother the swans or the ducks. It did not really bother me and I greeted as I wheeled past and they all returned the greeting and were very friendly. I notice their heads were enshrouded in smoke, but I did not smell anything suspicious, so it was probably not weed. I think they were making too much noise to be on a trip.

I speeded along and almost reached the town, but decided it was now time to turn and take the path back home.

River Aar 07.04 (20)

When I see our red bridge with the gasometers behind it, I know I am now in Solothurn. The bridge is a good crossing for people living on the other side of the Aare and especially for the high school kids that connects to the school on the other side of the river.

Yesterday I tried a few steps without support of my stick or walker and it worked. Nothing spectacular, but I noticed I can now put weight on my broken leg. It can only get better.  I also put my potted calla and canna on the porch yesterday, at least my son did as it is too heavy for me. He brought them from the cellar to their summer place. Today I will organise the garden ornaments and summer can come. All we now need is water in the front garden. The back garden connection is working, but not the front. Somehow our building team last year forgot to turn it on at the front. At the end of summer they did some final work and forgot to switch it on. No problem, but we do not know where the new connection is. On Monday someone will arrive to reconnect.

And now to prepare lunch as it will be a slow cook this morning.  Funny how when the weather is so good, it makes you also feel good. Let’s enjoy today. See you around later and hope you day goes well,

Jura 07.04 (2)