Daily Prompt: Inchoate

Hello WordPress – are you receiving. Good, then could we perhaps use words that are in normal every day usage without that I have to check them first in the dictionary to know what to talk about? Just saying. Luckily I went for a walk for a couple of hours before writing on the inchoatedness of life, and took a photo which might, only might, fit the theme. I am just a normally educated human, already in golden oldie age and forget many things. To be quite honest, I did not forget inchoate because I never knew the word from the beginning. I speak many languages, even from dawn to dusk Swiss german, but have not yet lost my english basis.  I always have a computer to help.
Wild Garlic

Now to the actual inchote of my blog. It should be something that it is not complete. On my way along the river bank this afternoon there were many shoots of new life poking through the ground and I came across this plant growing wild. What is it you are thinking, just green leaves? At the moment they are fresh and green: give them a couple of weeks and the complete river bank, and forest next to it, will have an overpowering smell of garlic in the air.

This is wild garlic and grows in many places in our area. It likes the damp areas of rivers, but also grows in abundance on a few mountain paths. Can you eat it? No problem, and the Swiss food industry (also probably other European countries) discovered it some time ago. They flavour pasta with it, as well as putting the chopped leaves in many meat dishes and sauces. It was also well known by our ancestors who could not buy everything in the supermarket and used what they found in the natural surroundings. We can even buy Swiss Bratwurst flavoured with wild garlic, known as “Bärlauch” in our area (bear leek literally translated). However be careful. When it is fresh it is very tasty, but as soon as the flowers want to appear, then it will become bitter and poisonous. There are just some things that should stay inchoate for reasons of safety.

Wild Garlic

Daily Prompt: Inchoate

Good Morning

Clouds 06.04 (1)

As Spring arrives, so do the interesting clouds. I saw these in the early evening. At last the grey covers of sky are dispersed to be replaced by something more interesting. It is the time of the year when I can enjoy the fresh air and beauty of the landscapes. There are hyacinths, daffodils and crocus everywhere, although the crocus are now beginning to disappear. The world is now full of colour.

Grape Hyacinths

I ventured into my garden just now and discovered that even my grape hyacinths are showing their flower heads. Yesterday afternoon I had to go somewhere and enjoy the weather. I saddled my wheelchair and was on my way. I met another lady in her wheelchair, wrote about it yesterday in my daily prompt, and we compared wheelchairs. We have similar models although she has 5 gears. She also said she now and again goes into town with hers, so that is my next target. It is not so far, and if I travel along the banks of the river it is the most direct way.

I know handicapped people like myself that say a wheelchair is the last thing they want. I have a different view. I can walk with my stick at home, with my walker in the supermarket (although I hope the walker will no longer be necessary when my broken leg improves) but if I really want to go further, take some photos on the way and meet people, and then  my wheelchair is ideal. It is a full electric model, I paid for it myself, but it has improved my life’s quality and, of course, I overtake them all on my journeys.

Swan 06.04 (1)

I decided to visit the stables again yesterday, hoping for a shot of the new black swans. There are two of them and usually they sit in the pond which is a little out of reach of my camera. Another advantage of being on the road with my wheelchair is that I can take more luggage with me. I have a nice big bag, my camera with the normal lens fits nicely and I also have room for the longer zoom lens, so I can change lens comfortably according to the need.  With the zoom lens I managed to capture a few photos of my black swan at last.

Swan 06.04 (6)

I took a few photos and look what I captured. Yes mum and dad swan have kids, four of them. Suddenly mum did a loud piercing call, the ducklings all stood up and followed her in a row to the water. This is the real meaning of spring, it was wonderful to see.

I found the weather was too good to go home yet and I had time, so I took the path uphill to the castle and met another two ladies from my village.  It is a small village, I have been living here almost 20 years, but a good community. After growing up in a million population town like London, I make the most of my country life.

Before leaving for home I took a glance at the alps from the Bernese Overland which were again showing themselves from their better side.

Feldbrunnen village 06.04 (2)

This is a view down from the path to the castle and I managed to capture our local train as it was on its way to the town of Solothurn. Difficult to realise that it needs at least 2 hours by road to actually reach the alps, they look like you could almost touch them on the photo.

It was fantastic weather and I enjoyed my afternoon. I might go again today, am still thinking about it.