Daily Prompt: Haul

Road to Langendorf04.04 (12)

This afternoon I went for a haul in my wheelchair. The weather was almost more than Spring, the sun was shining and there was only a blue sky. I took the path to the cemetery and then onto the ducks chickens and horses, the usual run.

I decided why rush, beautiful weather make the most of it, so I turned to the path leading to the castle. There were few people, but then I saw her approaching: a lady in a wheelchair. It was the first time that I had a meeting with a fellow wheelchair rider. I was going up and she was going down. Of course when we met in our little village we stopped and spoke with each other, and discovered we had been neighbours since I lived in the village, about 20 years, she living in the top part of the village, and me at the bottom. We both have the same problems and the first discussion was to compare wheelchairs. They are both electric and the steering is the same, but hers has 5 gears, mine only three, although I have never been faster than the second gear.

We decided to wheel on together and had a little race on the path side by side: fun. She noticed that I have lights on my wheelchair for showing directions and a mirror. I must admit I have never used my rear view mirror, although I should I know.

Due to my long haul this afternoon, I am a little late with everything. I would add that my daily prompts might become fewer during the summer, especially when I make the most of the weather and go for wheelies with my camera.

Daily Prompt: Haul

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