Good Morning


Am not sure what the day has planned weatherwise, so must wait and see.  This morning was again fresh bed linen morning. I can just about manage to cover my own  duvet and cushions with fresh linen, but the rest I must leave to Mr. Swiss, although he also has to take five in between. These are days when we remember how agile we were in the years gone past. It is not an every day job, for which we can be thankful.

Me at the computer

Yesterday it seems the paparazzi were busy at home. I have my photos online in Flickr and Mr. Swiss also has access, although does not use it  very much. I discovered this photo on my computer this morning. When asked, he said he found Tabby looked so good in front of the window. The fact that he captured me writing my daily prompt yesterday afternoon at my computer was secondary, but now you see the expert at work.

Yesterday I was busy with a big update on my Mac computer. It seemed to be a big one, although I did not notice any big differences afterwards. I had to remind Mr. Swiss to update his Mac as well, as he does not use it so much as I use mine.  I used to have only a windows computer, but one day Mr. Swiss brought home an apple computer, a smaller one, as it was a special offer. He said we can both use it. He even had it fitted with Word and Exel. He used it now and again and I fell in love with it at the first glance, but said I really do not need Window apps. After a while he organised the computer in my name, as he realised he never really used it and I got rid of the Window apps. In the meanwhile I decided I wanted a real good Mac and bought myself one, the best at the time. I gave him the smaller Mac for himself to use and now have my big Mac. I had also got a new Windows computer equipped with  Windows 10, so that is why I have two computers. I like to used my Mac for writing and my Windows for photos, although in the evening I only use the Windows.

Yesterday was a safari to the supermarket, so today will be a stay at home day with some cooking and a little bit of cleaning and a practice in walking with my stick. It can only get better. Make the most of the day and I hope the sun is shining where you are. If not, then enjoy the rain.  I will leave you with another photo masterpiece from Mr. Swiss, our bowl of daffodils on the porch which are not yet flowering.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I really like that picture of you. It says a lot about you — and Tabby, too.

    We spent the day out of the house because we had to be away for at least four hours while they did their thing, but it turns out, four hours of doing ANYTHING is a bit much for us. Garry is walking like me and I’m not walking at all. For the first time in years, I also didn’t make dinner. i was too tired to stand in the kitchen and we were both too tired to get serious about eating anyhow. Garry was too tired to go get a pizza, so he had the salad and I had a sandwich.

    I remember when we could go go go all day long! How did we do it? I have — on a good day — a few peppy hours in the early part of my day, but after that, I’m pooped. AND so is he!

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    • That was a sneak photo from Mr. Swiss and I suppose it is typical me on the computer.
      4 hours is a long time to wander around. I couldn’t do it either. Even driving somewhere would be exhausting. iIn the supermarket Mr. Swiss has to hang onto the trolley because of his back and I still need my walker when Shopping for support. Some golden oldies can do it, but we cannot. IIt must have been exhausting for you both,

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