Good Morning

Morning Sunshine

There is something about the sun rising in the morning that gives a good start to the day. It might only be sun in the morning, but who cares. Later we have various chores to deal with and forget the sun and when you want to enjoy it, the clouds usually arrive. I am usually awake around 4.00 a.m. for a visit to a certain place, which most of us do as the first operation of the day. When I return to my bed the next step is connect my iPhone and recharge it. I sleep and eventually rise and my phone is ready to go until the next day.

I then connect my iPad and charge it up and my Kindle. They both sit their on the desk sharing the electric boosters they are getting. I had a thought this morning. It would be great if we humans could do the same.: plug ourselves in somewhere for an hour and afterwards we would be ready for everything.

Horses 03.04 (4)

Yesterday I decided to let myself out for an hour in the afternoon, after being cooped up over the easter holidays. It was pleasant outside, although the sun was taking five somewhere. I decided to take a walk to the usual places, the burial ground and afterwards the stables. I noticed that the resident pony was outside having a munch on the grass. His job is to take children for a ride now and again.

Alps 03.04 (6)

It was a good day for alp spotting. Often they are shrouded in mist and the view is not so clear, but yesterday it was perfect. I used my zoom lens for this photo, they are otherwise not so close. They are about 2-300 kilometers away towards the south, The Bernese Overland, where we  spent many Summer holidays with the kids. The Eiger is the peak on the left and a railway even runs through it. If you are in the village of Grindelwald, you can see the windows of the railway tunnel. The journey takes you to the Jungfrau, which is the next high mountain on the right and you get a great view from the top.

This morning I am off again for a shopping trip as food supplies are now getting low. We are now the embodiment of golden oldieness. Me with my supporting walking frame (with wheels and space to carry my bag) and Mr. Swiss pushing the shopping trolley. Remembering the olden days it can sometimes bother you. We were younger, more active, and never ever imagined that old age could be so brutal. I was surprised to see how my dad had changed as he got older, I only saw him once a year for a week when I made a trip to London. He had somehow got smaller and needed support when walking, but now I am also now on the way: that’s life I suppose, although luck of the draw. I sometimes see golden oldies that can still do it on their own and I often wish I could be one of them.

And now to move on, everything is now recharged electronically speaking, except for me, but I am on the way. Take it easy and enjoy the day.

Daisies 03.04.2018

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. One of my mother’s sisters climbed the Jungfrau; she died a few months before her 105th birthday and was still chatty and aware, though physically very frail. You hang in there, friend, and keep up the good recovery.

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    • I never actually climbed the Jungfrau, but went by train to the top from Kleine Scheidegg. When I was younger we always had hiking holidays in summer, nothing impressive, but climbed a few peaks.

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