Daily Prompt: Churn

Afternoon Stormy Sky

This morning glorious sunshine, picture book weather, it could not be better. I had decided I must get out this afternoon, cast off the webs of sleep from my midday after dinner relaxing session and out for action, although I was not really sure. I was out this morning shopping, and too much fresh air could be overdoing it. As I lay hugging the covers I heard a faint whistling noise. It was as if a visitor was tapping at my bedroom door, only this and nothing more. Ok, it was not Edgar Allen Poe with a raven perched on his shoulder, but it was definitely the wind that was calling. I decided to turn over in my comfortable bed and sleep on, not without taking a quick glance at the subject of the daily prompt.

“Churn”, was the word of the day. Pictures of happy cows giving their milk and being brought in churns to the depot, although today it is all done electronically and the enjoyment of having the hands of a milking expert is no longer there.

So back to my bed where my midday sleep was ending. In the meanwhile the winds were churning and our weather report said that all flights to and from Basel Airport were cancelled due to high winds.


The gale force winds were now joined by rain and so I decided to make myself comfortable at home. There was enough churning going on outside and I did not have to join in.

Daily Prompt: Churn

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Churn

  1. I’m told the weather is exactly the same in Toronto and it’s pretty much the same here, too. The weather has been really bad and all our little streams look like major rivers. We are going to flood this year. For the first time in more than a decade, flooding.

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  2. I hate all the electronic stuff that has replaced good old fashioned labor. I loved it when my mother gave me the job of churning butter for the family. It was a job to do while planning, thinking or reading–something done with the hands while the mind was somewhere else.

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    • It is true, but being a golden oldie with various handicap that increase with age, i am often glad for automation for various work. I have never had to churn butter, but have saved time with various household work in the kitchen: automatic mixing machines and cutters as an example.

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