Good Morning


Spring has sprung and about time. There are days where the appearance is promising and eventually the sun disappears and cold winds are blowing. Easter was not exactly a super weather holiday, it was cold, but today we have sunshine and I discovered that my hyacinth show is flowering. I planted the blue hyacinths about five years ago and they appear regularly. I do not even remember planting the white hyacinths, they suddenly arrived, but probably I did it all myself. I am particularly proud of the hyacinths in the background with a reddish colour. They were little babies that arrived on a big hyacinth that died many years ago. They were miniatures that came from the big bulb and I left them in the garden to do their own thing. This must be about 8 years now and every year they grew bigger in Spring and now seem to have reached a good size. They are actually pink when they flower. One thing is good, this part of the garden is full of the scent of the hyacinths.

Morning Clouds

Yesterday I was sort of planning on a wheelie in my chair, but it got too cold, and I was too lazy, so stayed at home. Today  it looks like Spring jacket weather, so I will venture to the great outdoors this afternoon.

I am making good progress with my broken leg and can now have my daily shower all on my own. I know it sounds silly, but I have noticed when you are disabled in any way, every little progress is a big step. That I can actually get into and out of the bath on my own is a big deal. This morning I am a little later with my writings, but it is the day of the cleaning lady and that is another good thing we did. I was not so keen at the beginning, it was a Mr. Swiss idea, but I could no longer do anything and our wet rooms were becoming a big problem. After a long search we now have the ideal person to do the work. Just a couple of hours in the morning once a week is sufficient. I used to do it all myself, but Mr. Swiss was right. At my age after so many years as a cleaning woman, cook and linen supervisor, at the age of 71 it is time to sit back and have it done for you.

As far as the linen is concerned, my No. 1 son learnt the ropes in a few days and is now a super ironer.  Gradually I am also doing it myself again, but I have the feeling he quite likes ironing. He is an autist, and  does a perfect job with all the details of correct folding, better than me.  Our complete family has been re-organised all due to a broken leg.

At the moment Mr. Swiss as been let out to gather a few articles of food. For the first time we have run out of rice, not a grain to be found. Today is what we call Rice Hawaii. Rice served with some fruit salad including pineapple and seedless grapes cooked with chicken pieces topped with some whipped cream, which is a quick dish.

And now to move on. It might be back to work for some today, but enjoy it all the same if possible. Just look on the bright side.


16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Some perennials do that; change color I mean. I gave my mother blue and white freesias a few years ago, and they have done quite well. Then, suddenly, a single red freesia appeared. My mother marked the bulb and gave it to me when it was time to dig it up, and it has multiplied quite nicely. I have only white freesias, but the red group will be nice too. My lily of the Nile has been the same shade of blue since 1956, but other types sometime mutate and bloom white. White lily of the Nile will likewise bloom with blue flowers sometimes. They are just genetically unstable.

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    • I have a hibiscus and bought it with blue flowers. After a year I had some dark pink flowers mixed with blue. Eventually it became completely pink. I no longer have the original, but three trees from seedlings, all dark pink. I suspect that the original blue flowers were propped onto a natural pink hibiscus and with time reverted to its original colour

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      • Oh, that is a hydrangea! The flowers are blue if the soil and water are acidic, but pink if the conditions are alkaline. It was probably given acidifying fertilizer for blue flowers in the nursery, but adapted to more alkaline water or fertilizer after it came to your home. In western Oregon and Washington, hydrangeas are usually blue, and those who want pink flowers must give them special fertilizer to make them pink, and it does not always work, and if it does, it does not last long. My mother’s hydrangeas are pink because the soil in the Santa Clara Valley is alkaline. She gives them acidifying fertilizer to make them blue, but they only get as far as purple.

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        • No it is a hibiscus tree. I know the trick with the soil and hydrangeas turning blue by putting chemicals in the soil, I have done it myself. Hibiscus are quite common in our area and they seed quite freely, their main colour being pink.

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