Good Morning


Is this the “after Easter” decoration, I think so because I feel just like this duck. I must be honest, the cooking was no big deal, just the three of us and easy dishes, nothing 5 star hotel cuisine, but we needed the easter days to recover from the stress shopping before. I know some go away for Easter to a far flung country in the warmer areas, or even visit one of those towns you always wanted to see in the world. I never had the opporunity as there were kids to look after, although we did go to Paris once for a week with our teenage sons, but that was many years ago. We were both earning and could afford it. Today we would have the time, but not the health that should go with it. Two golden oldies the wrong side of 70 and no longer so mobile, cannot manage these holidays. We stay at home and perhaps think and talk about the good old days.

We watched another old film yesterday evening, at least I watched it from the side whilst reading a book. It was one of our favourites, “Avanti, Avanti” with Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills about a business man and shop assistant that arrived in Ischia where their parents were killed in a car crash. They had no idea that their mother and father had been meeting for many years on this island as a couple. The story develops, full of italian romance and italian ways of life. The hotel manager is played by Clive Revill, and is very good. I remember seeing him live on the stage in my younger years playing the part of the Mikado in the Gilbert and Sullivan opera.

Otherwise I went nowhere and did nothing spectacular. The weather was quite nice in the afternoon, but I decided to stay at home. Today I might risk a drive in my wheelchair in the afternoon, weather permitting if the sky remains as it did yesterday afternoon.


And now I am off to continue my training programme. After breaking my leg at the end of January, I am slowly getting back to my wanted state of affairs. My first steps in the morning are still with the support of the walker, but afterwards I concentrate on my stick for support. I can now mop the floors in the apartment and even manage to clean the toilets. I can also now move around my computer alone without calling for help with the aid of my walker and cooking was no big problem from the beginning. I am now aiming to being more independent when taking a shower. I still have to be very careful not to lose my balance and make sure that there is always something near to hold onto.

My biggest problem is that Mr. Swiss is also handicapped with his back, so there is no help around. We both have to rely on ourselves: and all the more reason for me to become independent again.

And now to move on. The daily chores are not solved sitting at the computer and eating breakfast, action is required. Enjoy the remainder of the Easter holidays.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Now that we have the time, we don’t have the money … or the energy. Even local travel with a lot of driving and walking is a bit much. I’m sure glad I didn’t wait until I was old to do some traveling!

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    • We don’t really want to go anywhere far. I am now so glad for my wheelchair that I can at least visit local places on my own. And thank goodness Mr. Swiss still drives, although I will have to practice again to help against my isolation


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