Daily Prompt: Toxic

Metal Clamps in the garden 24.04.2017

Mr. Xi Jinping
Eternal President
People’s Republic of China

Dear Mr. Jinping

I am writing to you with a small complaint, although it could have become a big complaint. It is a quiet Sunday afternoon in our part of the world. We are celebrating one of our holidays, something like “Return of Mao Tse Tung” Day if it would exist. We have a custom of giving each other chocolate eggs. Eggs play an important part in our ritual, we even have little competitions in our marvellous country of Switzerland to see who has the strongest eggs, nothing dangerous after all they are only eggs. Self made nests full of chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits embedded in straw are hidden in the garden for the children  to find..

Suddenly my children came running to me from the garden with tears is their eyes. They had found their nests but the chocolate rabbits and chocolate eggs had been crushed to many pieces by falling metal parts from the sky. I phoned the Swiss airforce, but they assured me that today, on our Easter Sunday, they were not having a practice with their new missiles, it is a day of peace. I was also assured that the Swiss nation was not under attack from another nation.

After consulting my computer, I was informed that today was the day when Tiangong 1 a Chinese satellite that had lost its way, would be re-entering the earth’s atmosphere and might break into various parts. I accompanied my children to their injured chocolate bunnies and eggs to examine the damage, and discovered metal parts as the cause of the damage. As these parts were inscribed with Chinese signs, translated as “Made in The People’s Republic of China” I can only deduce that your satellite’s uncontrolled entrance to the Swiss atmosphere is the cause. In the meanwhile I contacted the Swiss Government and it seems that children all over Switzerland are finding squashed chocolate Easter Bunnies in their gardens-

This is a catastrophe. How can we convinced our children that the Easter Bunny exists. They are now all convinced that the bunnies are under attack from the Chinese Nation. Before this problem escalates to the Swiss-Chinese Bunny war, I am sure that it was not your intention to destroy our populations of chocolate easter bunnies, and would ask you to send a replacement shipment of chocolate bunnies to our great nation to compensate for this loss. The Swiss government will raise this problem in the next meeting of the United Nations.

Thanking you for your understanding in this matter

A citizen of Switzerland.

P.S. There is also the problem of a broken fence in my garden, crushed by part of a satellite propeller, also inscribed with chinese characters, so do not try to talk your way out of it.

Daily Prompt: Toxic

Good Morning


After battling our way through the trials of Easter food shopping, we have now arrived to Sunday morning, and what we do not have, is missing. We have survived until now and there are just two remaining days of a holiday which, as a golden oldie, I really do not need. This morning I gathered our Easter decorations together.  My wonderful daughter-in-law brought my only chocolate easter egg, Mr. Swiss organised some coloured cooked eggs from the supermarket, and I have an free Easter bunny where I collected stickies from the store, so we are ready to go.

In the years gone by when the kids were still kids, it was tradition to make an easter nest from a round container, such as a plate. You would fill it with green paper cuttings to resemble a nest and place Easter specials in it, such as a chocolate bunny, eggs etc. etc. We would hide it and the kids would have to search for their nests on Easter Sunday morning. We then lived in an appartment, had no garden, so had to find places at home. We were limited on ideas, so it was a cupboard, or even the oven. We would also spend an afternoon cooking and colouring our own eggs, with the kids, where it was usually the parents who did most of the work. I am not really sorry that these days are gone, because I now like to let the others have the stress.

Easter Sunday Morning

In the meanwhile the sun decided to make a try for it on this otherwise dull and dismal day, although it is very cold outside. We have clouds, and a little bit of blue sky in between, so who knows. Yesterday I had a stay at home day which suited me and today will probably be similar. It is the day when the families go for walks and the paths are blocked with loud children, dogs and bicycles. I prefer to avoid this.

I will now begin to prepare lunch, although no big deal. I have a ham to cook and red cabbage to prepare. I should be relaxed within half an hour.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday and may it be a stressless day. Spare a thought for the chickens that have worked hard to make sure there are enough eggs for everyone.

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