Good Morning


Thought I would do something in an Easter mood as it is Good Friday, although if there is anything good about it we will find out. Yeserday was day of horrors in the shops, although I could not go, but Mr. Swiss did the honours and nearly had his 19th Nervous Breakdown in the process. We had made a list of all necessary food to stop us starving when I remembered that I forgot the bread: no problem, Mr. Swiss got some fresh bake rolls to get us through breakfast.


So now everything should be set for a nice quiet relaxing day with no unexpected catastrophes. It is a misty morning outside, probably due to the rainy days we have behind us. Today the prediction is “Föhn” which is a warmer wind we get now and again in Switzerland. For some it tends to cause headaches and restless everything, but I have no problem. It will probably get warmer during the day, the mist will disappear and there might be a few sun rays on the horizon. I might even venture out for a wheelie in my chair at some time.

Yesterday we watched the british made film “Stalin” which the Russians have banned as it is not their Stalin. I was not impressed. It was amusing at the beginning and the Russian statesmen such as Khruschov, Bulganin, Malenkov etc. etc. seemed to be played by english actors with cockney accents. I suppose the idea of the film was for it to be a comedy, but somewhere along the way it failed. I went to bed and Mr. Swiss did not finish watching, but changed channels half way through for something else. I do not blame the Russians for their disapproval. Of course the communist system was made ridiculous, which it was, but somehow the film became a slapstick on the way.

And now to make myself busy with doing nothing in particular. Actually I should be glad for some quiet moments, but I get restless without a mop or vacuum cleaner in my hands. I do not even have a big menu to cook today, just some fish and chips (french fries for those on the other side of the pond) in the old english way.

Enjoy you Easter everyone.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I found it a silly film. The beginning was OK, but it was just monotonous. Yes, breakfast was good.

      I can really sympathize with your ant invasion, and the stress it causes. You think of them constantly and where they can be.


      • Accents are even more out of place in the Star Wars movies . . . . a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, all sorts of space aliens not only speak English, but some do so with a British accent!

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