Good Afternoon

X-rayNo Good Morning today as I had to go to the hospital for a check on how my broken leg was healing. First of all I had to have another x-ray to see if the repair work carried out last January was still in one piece. The x-ray people at the hospital were very helpful preparing me for the big pictures. Afterwards I had a few words with an assistant doc about my progress. He had all my pictures on his computer so I asked if I could have them as well. He said he could print them out, or he could take pictures. I gave him my mobile phone and he obliged with a couple of pictures. Here you can see the engineering work on my left leg. The strong white lines are steel. The top slanting one seems to be some sort of screw and the straight one is in the bone, all examples of good engineering.

And then we have the bottom part of the steel rod further down in the leg. I remember them inserting these two screws, as I did have or want a full aneasthetic and was awake by all the events in the operation. I suddenly hear an electric drilll which was when they did the drilling work to insert the two parallel screws. Isn’t modern medicine wonderful?


I saw the surgeon this morning and he said that everything was OK and I would not need to see him again. The surgeon also emphasised that I should put the weight on my left leg as much as possible to strengthen it as it was now weakened after the operation. It is often easier said than done with this good ideas. It took me a time to walk again with just my stick, as self confidence was failing, but I am getting there

15 thoughts on “Good Afternoon

  1. That is some impressive steel works you have there! I’m so pleased for you that it’s healing well. I went to renew my driver’s licence this morning and passed the eye test with flying colours – I was told that my eyesight is excellent.

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    • And it might even be swiss steel, the factory where they make it all for implants is just along the road. I also passed my driving licence test, although I am not so sure. I do not really drive, I just have the licence.

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  2. I have a plate and titanium screws in my neck. I never set off alarms at the airport! Who ever thought we would have screws in our bodies to hold things together?! So wild.

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