Good Morning


In Spring I like to have a pot of fresh daffodil bulbs outside on the table on the porch. I can watch them grow and flower and afterwards they will be planted in the garden to keep them for almost ever. Today is a rainy day, so they are now sitting on the tiles outside to get some rain.

Yesterday I did not go anywhere as it was a rainy day and I had a visit from the physio therapy lady. She was quite pleased with my progress and gave me a few more exercises to do. She was impressed and I must say, so am I. I am so glad that I can again move independently in the apartment with my stick, and even mop the floors, although that is just one of my special additions. It seems that mopping floors is not part of the recovery programme, but for me another small step to reality.

Cutting trees

Yesterday there was another little bit of excitement. I heard the noise of a motor and noticed that the tree men had moved in again and were removing branches and twigs from the trees opposite the room where I was sitting at the computer. Of course, I immediately grabbed my mobile camera and took a few photos. The tree man saw me and stopped working to give me a wave which I returned.  People can be so friendly when they notice they are being photographed.

Cut tree

I was not so happy about having parts being removed from the trees opposite as it widened the view on my appartment. It seems that the trees had done too much of a good thing since being planted and some complained that they were blocking the light. It never bothered me, but now we have naked trees stripped to the bare necessities. I suppose they will grow again, I hope.

Today is another day of shopping, my last chance before Easter as tomorrow I will be at the hospital for a check up approval with the chief surgeon. It seems that an x-ray will also be involved to make sure that my bits of steel have not moved or got bent in the meanwhile. I do not find it necessary, as everything feels fine at the moment. Mr. Swiss will be getting the remainders tomorrow at the supermarket. I thought if we really forgot something we could go in the afternoon, but then Mr. Swiss has a doctor’s appointment, so if the worst case scene arrives, we can always get a few remains on Saturday morning. Easter Saturday morning is the worst time for a shopping trip, because everyone is under the impression that famine might breakout over the easter holidays.

So now to move on. I have just eaten breakfast whilst typing this masterpiece and it is time for a shower and to dress up in my shopping uniform. I take this opportunity to wish everyone a successful search for their easter eggs, perhaps some are hidden in the computer, you never know. And spare a thought for the chickens, they also have stress at this time of the year. This one looks particularly exhausted.

Chickens 25.03 (1)

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I finished my holiday shopping today. Asparagus, potatoes, big ham (much too big for us — leftovers for a month!) … and I sort of collapsed on dessert . Bought some nice macadamia cookies and maybe I’ll bake something. Maybe not. I’m just glad I’m done!

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    • We also have a ham and got some asparagus. Mr. Swiss will drop me off at the hospital this morning and get some remainders. He will pick me up afterwards. It’s a long holiday and I be glad when everything is back to normal again.


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