Daily Prompt: Quartet


Mr. Swiss, the man on the drums,  has played in so many quartets since he has been Mr. Swiss that I have lost count. this is a photo where he was a young 70 years old, as well as the piano player. It does not seem possible that the next big round celebration will be 80 in a couple of years.

I remember one of the first quartets was called The Monday Groove Quartett. They had their weekly rehearsal on Monday in an attic room in an old house in town. It was the same pianist and trumpeter and they were then all youngsters. The music has stayed the same over the years: jazz but the mainstream type, nothing traditional. Had Miles Davis or John Coltrane been living in the area, they might  have joined in as it was their style, but they probably had other gigs to play.

And today the instruments still exist, these golden oldies are still playing.

Daily Prompt: Quartet

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Quartet

    • The problems with drums is transport. The trumpet player has it easier and the piano player is easiest, as the piano is usually there. Now and again Mr. Swiss was in a trio.


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