Good Morning

Morning Clouds

It rained during the night, but has now stopped and left us with a dull morning. However, we have clouds and that is a positive sign.

Yesterday morning our cleaning lady arrived. It is a new experience for me as I have never in my whole life had a cleaning lady. After my accident and being laid up for 2 months, it was time. Although in the last couple of weeks I was managing better, but things like bathrooms and showers were not in my programme. Mr. Swiss and son No. 1 were cleaning the kitchen, but it is was not easy for them, and now we have our cleaning lady for these three rooms. Although there is a large offer on the market, we discovered it is not so easy to find one. The first one cleaned sort of, but nothing spectacular and the second appointment she cancelled as she had to go somewhere. The second try was a lot of communication and nothing happening, but the third is perfect. This lady knows what she is doing and does it well. I am glad. My life of bathroom, kitchen and shower cleaning is now at the end of the tunnel. She will be back next week again.

Road to Langendorf 26.03 (8)

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss and I ventured to the supermarket yesterday afternoon. We approached from the back way so got a different view of the store. This was a trial run for me as I decided to try it without my walker and just the stick. I would have the trolley to hold onto whilst shopping. This was a mistake, I am not yet ready for this advanced shopping method. I was more than slow, a little nervous and my leg decided this was not the way to go. We also stopped off at the pet food shop as Tabby needed some of her disliked hard vitamin pellets, which are good for her, although she prefers tuna fish.

At home since Saturday I have only been using my stick and gathering confidence, but the big wide world is not yet ready for this. I have even now progressed to mopping the floors with no problem. I just have to be careful not to overdo it.

Bipper Lisi 26.03 (1)

I am just glad to be able to get out again and have some action. I got an invitation from our local railway system yesteday. The have been operating 100 years and there will be a celebration at the end of April at the end station of Niederbipp with festivities for kids and even golden oldies, food included. It would be fun, but Mr. Swiss and I are not longer ready for such excitement. There are a few free rides included in the fun.

Hyacinth 24.03.2018

My hyacinths have at last appeared  in the garden. I planted them at least 8 years ago and they still appear today: another sign that Spring is here. And now to clean something, and otherwise generally make order. I have a visit from my physio therapist this afternoon, but a little early in the afternoon for my golden oldie taste. I will have to stop hugging my bed already at 2.00 p.m. instead of 2.30, but I will survive.

See you around later, and I hope you all have a good day.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You’re getting there. You’re getting there a lot faster than most people! I tore some ligaments when i was in my 20s and it was 9 months before i could go anywhere without a full cast on that leg — and i was a LOT younger. i had to take the freight elevator to get to my office and find a cardboard box to keep my leg up. And get a lift to and from work. AND get help getting to and from the bathroom — and have someone else bring me lunch. Not too inconvenient 🙂

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    • It was perhaps a lucky break, not too complicated. Today plaster is not used so much. There are all sorts of special constructions to keep the bones in place for me. I try a little bit more every day. My physio therapist is also pleased with my progress. I still have a problem with lifting my leg into the bath, but we have a wide ledge at the end of the bath that I can use to slide into a seat I have into the bath. I am so glad for my wheelchair which was a good investment. I still need a support under my knee in bed, I tried without but it is still too sore


  2. I just told someone else that I do not grow hyacinth because it does not get cool enough for them to bloom the following year. They are like expensive annuals that do not even last as long as the cheap annuals. I would like to grow them again, and maybe I will force some someday. They are so nicely fragrant!

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