Daily Prompt: Micro


Do you have a microwave? Of course you do, silly question, everyone has one today. I remember when my dad moved to his new extra care home and discovered to his dismay that there was no stove in the kitchen. He had lived his life with an oven and cooking range fired by gas. It was his world. In this new place the golden oldies lived with their microwaves. They even heated the water for the tea in the microwave.

My dad was not happy. He added a new “don’t want” phrase to his vocabulary. “I don’t want a bank account” was his first rule which would have made things a lot more easier for paying his rent and other such accounts. Now it was “I don’t want a micro wave” as if it was something similar to a life threat. He preferred to let his pork chops sizzle for a couple of hours in the oven. When I arrived in England, on his moving day, the first thing I did on my way from the airport was to go to the store and purchase him a simple-to-use microwave. My friend had picked me up from the airport and came with me.

Dad had his micro wave, whether he wanted it or not. Of course he had no idea how to use it, but thanks to the helpful staff where he was now living, it was all organised and so dad had his first microwave. His carer would put the food in the microwave in the morning and would programme it. All dad had to do was take it out and eat it. Even 95 year golden oldies can learn how to used a microwave.

I sympathised a little with him as I only got my first microwave when I moved into our new apartment 20 years ago. The microwave was included in the fittings and I had no idea how to use it. I knew you can apply it for warming up stuff, but I am not really a warmer upper, I cook and it is eaten, especially if No. 1 son is at the table. I did not touch this machine for at least a month when we moved in. I was sure it was possessed and might make me invisible. I eventually began to read about this wonder machine and discovered you can actually cook with it. Today I cook all my potatoes in the microwave. They need no water which would wash out the vitamins, and take only 10 minutes. I discovered that you can apply this system on most vegetables, just not brussel sprouts. Their cooked condition resemble miniature cannon balls after the microwave.

Otherwise at my age I do not deal so much with micro. I should have new glasses for some time, everything seems to get smaller. I even have to increase the script in my Kindle reader to size 5, otherwise I have to squint to read it.

Daily Prompt: Micro

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Micro

  1. We do have a microwave but we do not use it for food at all – we prefer using the oven or stove. I went for an eye test this morning. My current spectacles are fine for computer and reading but not for small print or knitting, so now I will have two pairs. It was confirmed that my eyes are good for my age.

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    • I have now got used to the microwave for cooking veg. I should also have an eye test. I wear combined glasses for reading and normal use for many years. It was when I began to work on computers that my sight got worse

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  2. I used the microwave for potatoes, vegetable (they come packed in microwaveable bags these days) and sometimes, warming up leftovers — if it’s something that won’t turn into an inedible lump. No good for meat or any kind of baking, though. It’s pretty good for fish, however, if you poach the fish.

    EVEN Garry can work the microwave. Actually, he can use three machines:

    Rice cooker
    Toaster oven

    He can, in fact, cook a frozen pizza or nuke some veggies. That’s better than nothing.


    • I cook fresh veg in the microwave and iit works very well. They neec no water as they cook in their own juices and are very healthy.. My micro is a model that also bakes, but I don’t use it for that purpose. Marcel is also quite good with kitchen gadgets. If we need coffee for guests, Marcel makes it because I never drink coffee and do not know how to operate the machine. It’s a nespresso


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