Good Morning

Morning Clouds

Some sort of cumulus clouds this morning, although there are many sorts of cumulus clouds and I am still learning. It was a wonderful start to my morning, with sunshine and a promising Spring day. I hugged my bed a little longer this morning as an hour was stolen during the night. It just left a note behind saying “see you again next Autumn”, so there is not point in searching for it.

Chickens 24.03 (8)

I made the most of the wonderful weather yesterday afternoon and took a wheelie with my wheelchair. I paid a visit to my friends the chickens who I had not seen since last Autumn. They were all waiting for me. One was acting guard on the look out to tell the others to be ready for a few photos. I then moved on.

Horse 24.03 (2)

The horses were waiting and enjoying the sunny afternoon. There were a few new arrivals. These horses belong to the stable and you can also have riding lessons. There is also a pony for the children. Needless to say I just take the photos which is enough practice for me.

I was quite proud of myself yesterday. Since breaking my let I have been quite restricted in my movements. I remember one therapy lady in the hospital, the chief, finding it was not so bad and in two months I would again be walking with my stick. I did not really believe this at the time, and was convinced my walker would be my permanent colleague. However a week ago I began to try the stick, although with the walker nearby just in case. Gradually I left the walker on one side now and again under observation of my physio therapist and yesterday I was walking again only with my stick, after all who needs a walker. The main problem for me is not the actual walking, but regaining my self confidence to walk. I was really proud of myself. I even managed to do my routine work at home independently and I am now getting there. Unfortunately I cannot go shopping tomorrow as the cleaning lady is coming in the morning, but perhaps in the afternoon. I am sure I can now walk with my stick in the supermarket and again use the trolley for walking and shopping. It is strange but normal annoying daily chores are no longer such a bother, I almost enjoy them now because I realised how it is when it is physically no longer possible. I am almost me, not quite, but almost. What a wonderful Easter gift for me.

Black Swan 24.03 (5)

I almost forgot to tell you about the new arrival in the duck pond at the stables. I saw this black swan poking its head up. Unfortunately it remained in the water so it was difficult to get the perfect photo, but I have all summer for my Pulitzer prize. I once saw a pair of black swans in Mallorca many years ago. They are very stately creatures and not something we often see here. I believe they are more common in other countries.

Yes I had a great ride yesterday and today I will probably take another one. I have not yet been to the castle. I also visited the cemetary yesterday, another opportunity for photos.

Clouds 24-03-2018 (1)

Enjoy your Sunday. I noticed that some of our shops in town are open today as an exception, probably for the Easter sales, although I prefer an excursion in the country air. Enjoy the day, and make the most of it – I will.

21 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. And good Sunday morning to you. Like you I am recuperating from a fall, dislocated shoulder injury. I am new to WordPress, but it recommended your blog previously in the winter, and I have looked forward to your daily messages while I also recuperate, barely able to use the mouse on the computer even. One thing to be considered: my surgeon mentioned the healing process concerns reducing inflammation, which caused me to remember about tumeric. So I started taking it again. I take it in yogurt with a bit of frozen blueberries. The internet says to take it with uncracked black peppercorns. One of my physical therapists is from India and he says everyone there takes it every night in warm milk. I had been taking about a half teaspoon, but he says a whole teaspoon. I have found it to speed up the healing process. I take it with six or eight peppercorns, however many spill out of the bottle when I tip it. Don’t crack them or they will upset your stomach. Best wishes. See you tomorrow morning.

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    • Thanks for the tip. Inlived in with an Indian Family many years ago and got to know turmeric as a spice used in the food, very tasty. I do not have so much pain, just implement issues, but I am getting there. Thankyou for visiting my blog. I had no idea that WordPress had recommended it. Keep safe and get well soon


  2. Article in today’s newspaper saying Switzerland, for the 2nd year in a row, is voted the best nation in the world in which to live. And three Swiss cities made the Top 10 of places to live: Basel, Zurich and Geneva.

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  3. I have seen pictures of black swans, but never seen one in person. I don’t think they live on this continent. Actually, the white ones are imports from England, too. Maybe someone will send us a few of the black ones and we can improve our swan population 🙂

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    • I have a photo somewhere from my Mallorca holiday. I took a walk yesterday again, but this time I did not see the swan, must keep trying for a good photo. I think Australia have a few.


    • I am getting there. I am now trying to work out what the next step would be, I can walk quite well with my stick at home, but outside I still need my walker. It is now just a matter of time to get back to normal.

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