Daily Prompt: Swallow

Armoury, Solothurn

Switzerland has an army. People might now be shaking their heads, because Switzerland is a neutral country and does not join in when the others are fighting, so why have an army. Why not, the Swiss want to protect themselves from invaders, you never know. All able bodied men in Switzerland belong to the army. They are soldiers when they reach the age of 18 and, they all get their own personal rifle to keep at home and to take with them when they perform their 3 weeks army duty per year.

My youngest son had his rifle, kept somewhere in a private cupboard and ready for action. He had to go to the shooting range once a year to perform and to prove that it was in working order and that he knew how to use it. Officially he had no ammunition, but got it at the shooting range. Although every Swiss soldier has a box of live ammunition at home, sealed and not to be opened, only on the express command of the commanding officer if you had to perform active service in wartime.

You can buy guns in Switzerland if permitted officially. Perhaps you are a hunter, although there are only specific times when you can hunt.

So why is it with so many arms and ammunition available are there no school shootings in Switzerland from someone who is not ticking properly. I do not do politics on my blog, except for a few rants about Donald Trump perhaps. But today I am supporting the people in America that marched yesterday to stop this madness and to make an effort to shake up the so-called politicians that see no wrong in anyone, anywhere, being able to get his own gun in the local store, with ammunition, and being able to use it. If you lose your children in war it is bad enough and a heroes funeral does not bring him back to life, but parents should not be worried that their school children might not come home because a child with a gun decides to take revenge on something that is not even imaginable.

I sincerely hope that the various marches in the States yesterday will bring results and this madness will be stopped.

Daily Prompt: Swallow

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Swallow

  1. I do not believe the marches matter one whit. It’s just more drama.

    Women in Iceland walked out of their jobs to protest the unequal wage and the way women are treated. The country ground to a screeching halt and the law was changed. I think a protest needs to occur where it will matter and that’s NOT on the streets on a weekend. If women want to be treated better and have equal pay, walk out of your job. All women. If students want to protest that some kids come to school with guns, don’t go to school. I wrote all this on my blog so… Millions of sheep marching on weekend streets. What’s the point of that? They don’t even obstruct traffic.

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    • At least something is being done. I have never lived anywhere where guns were a problem and can be glad. Congrtulations to the Icelandic women. Let’s hope that more kids walk out of the schools to draw attention to the problem.

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      • No, it was nothing more than marching. If the deaths of nearly 300 students (since 1980) says nothing, what do a few random wise words from smart kids mean? I say a lot of wise stuff and have since I was a teenager. Until someone (school districts? neighborhoods? towns?) establishes a system to keep students safe that does not demand that Americans give up their guns, shootings in schools remain a clear and present danger. Who knows? After this march, kids could go back to school tomorrow and die.


  2. I always knew that the Swiss Army were one of the best anywhere, however, I did not realize that everyone was conscripted at 18 and given a gun to keep at home. It shows how teaching people to respect life and others will always cut down on violent crime. America has had a history of allowing anyone to own a gun and use it. The Americas were taken by violence from the Indigenous peoples and violence is underlying their entire history up to this point.

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    • Not everyone, only those that pass the health test and complete the day where they have to exercise to get put into their various regiments. My oldest son is autistic and so he did not become a soldier. My youngest served his complete time. My husband had health problems. The soldiers are given a rifle, not a gun. The officers have guns and so do the females (who are voluntary). Of course we also have our criminals and idiots, but who does not. I think the only actual wars that the Swiss fought were a bit of civil wars, many years ago, and mainly due to religious conflicts. During the first and second world war they were stationed at the borders to protect the country.

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      • Switzerland was the world’s warehouse for mercenary soldiers until the 18th century and they were considered the best in the world. It was tough for people to grow enough food back in the day and selling your kid to some Habsburg prince or the Pope or someone who needed a fighting force was a good way to make a buck and decrease the number of mouths you had to feed. That’s how they got to guard the Pope today. So weird. History is so weird.

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  3. I am delighted that these kids are trying to get done what the rest of us have persistently failed to accomplish. I am convinced that there is nothing more tenacious and determined than a teenage with a cause. These kids won’t be kids very long. Soon, they will vote.

    The give me hope!

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  4. When I was a girl at home, my parents were both afraid of guns. They passed that fear along to me. My brothers shot rabbits for their pelts and to feed to our farm dogs, but I never remembered seeing them do it. Mother had had a bad experience with a shotgun when she was about six. She and her little cousins were visiting and playing when they ran onto the front porch where their dads had stood the shotguns after a hunting trip. She foolishly picked up one and asked her younger cousins, “Who wants me to shoot them?”
    A baby sister about four said, “Shoot me, sister.”
    Barely able to lift it up, she was actually in the process of trying to find out how to pull the trigger when her dad caught her. Fortunately, he had turned on the safety lock, so she was not able to do any harm. But what if she had known how to unlock it?
    I heard that story over and over again as a warning of what could happen if guns were left around the house. Then the real clincher came when my two youngest brothers had a near accident one day. The older one was cleaning his shotgun and the younger brother was lying on the sofa nearby loving on the favorite tomcat. Just as he decided to go outside again the gun went off and killed the cat–right where his head had been.


  5. I admire the Swiss military system. In Australia we banned guns after the Port Arthur Massacre. Thousands were handed in and destroyed. Now only farmers have the right to keep a gun. Even so it must be hard for the police to keep on top of the illegal weapons trade.

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    • I think if you ban something it is an invitation for crime and will always be. Most Swiss men have a rifle or pistol at home due to their military service for three weeks a year, but it does not present a great problem. You just have to keep it in a good place and not in the cellar where anyone might be able to see it otherwise there will be complaints from the neighbours

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