Good Morning

Clouds 23.03 (1)

Not this morning but yesterday afternoon – blue skies and wonderful weather. It would have been great to go for a wheelie with my chair, but silly me went for a lunch time snooze and did not wake up until almost four in the afternoon, which was too late. However, today I have resolved to set my alarm in the afternoon. The weather looks good, the sun is shining and no forecast for stormy weather – up to now.

I am getting my feelings for more energy now for doing things. I have the Easter shopping now under control and Mr. Swiss only has a few things to get on Thursday morning while I am at my hospital appointment.

Daffodils 23.03.2018

Yesterday I had a look in my front garden and discovered that the daffodils are showing some buds. I was in the gardening section of the supermarket yesterday and saw they had pots of daffodil bulbs growing. I always have one on my small table outside in my front garden and decided to buy one. Unfortunately they only have one lady serving in this part of the supermarket and she was busy trying to sell a golden oldie married couple a garden table with chairs. They could not make up their mind and I realised my quest for a pot of daffodils was too much to ask. I forgot the whole thing hope that Mr. Swiss can bring me a pot when he goes shopping today.

I will be at home this morning having a practice on how to walk with a stick and tidying up generally. And now to move on, a woman’s work is never done. Make the most of your Saturday, I will be back later.

Crocus 23.03 (2)

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