Daily Prompt: Faceless

A September Walk through Solothurn
It is going to happen again, I know it will. Some time in the night, this week-end the clocks will lose their face, an hour will disappear. We do not see it coming. The time thief  stares at the clock and waits for the right time and then he kills it, we have a faceless hour. He does it every year in Spring, as if we humans do not have enough problems. We hear nothing and see nothing, but for an hour the clocks lose their faces. They are blank, there is nothing, time stands still. Somewhere the hour is taken and hidden. We spend the next six months trying to find where it has gone, wanting to compensate an hours stolen sleep. Is someone sitting on it, is it under the bed or is it in deep freeze storage.  The time thief calls it daylight saving, but if you save something you should get compensation. One day in the year we have 23 hours. This is daylight stealing.

Babies are searching for their milk, the cows are mooing at the farmers, and the rooster is crowing to early.  You take your tablets too early and the whole digestive system is upside down. It is night robbery. Some time in Autumn this stolen hour appears again as if it never disappeared: no apology, the hour just walks in in the middle of the night as if it had never left.  As a compensation we should at least get an hour more, but no, we have the 24 hours again, until the next spring. The next time I will stay awake all night. I will trap the time robber, but I might not even see him, this faceless thief.

Daily Prompt: Faceless

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Faceless

  1. We do not have daylight saving, for which I’m very grateful. So in mid summer, it starts getting light at about 5.30am and in mid winter closer to 7.30am. It stays light in mid summer until just after 8pm and in mid winter, it’s dark by 6pm.

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  2. Already happened, here. But our illustrious Vice President has presented a bill so we don’t change times at all any more. Personally, I like normal time. I like getting up with the sun at 6 and going to bed when it’s dark… OH well. I just think it’s weird that no one is ever guided by my preferences. Tabby and I share that.

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    • We never had it in Switzerland when I arrived, as did most of Europe except for the Brits, but they were always different. And then one year all of Europe did it except for Switzerland, we were a time island. All the TV programmes from Europe were an hour ahead. So one day the Swiss decided this could not be and we joined in to the dismay of the farmers. Today they are talking about abolishing it again, like the rest of Europe. I do not need it, so let’s wait and see.

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  3. We lost our hour a couple of weeks ago. I guess it depends upon the latitude where you live, but here it is wonderful to have daylight last an hour longer in the evenings. It still gets light in time for a good morning, and the evening now lasts through dinnertime!

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  4. Here’s an interesting (sort of related) quote:
    On the first day of spring, a person at the North Pole would see the sun skimming across the horizon, beginning six months of uninterrupted daylight. A person at the South Pole would see the sun skimming across the horizon, signaling the start of six months of darkness. – Provided by FactRetriever.com
    Can man’s tampering with the clock change all that?

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  5. They stole our hour a couple of weeks back. I’ve lived in this province for almost 11 years, but having grown up in a province that banned the faceless time snatcher a long time ago, I am still not used to it!

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  6. We changed our clocks on my birthday, so I couldn’t miss it. It made the dogs happy. They had been very upset since the last time change because they were getting dinner and hour later. We reset the clocks and suddenly, dinner was back on time. What a relief! Because they are STARVING at 3 minutes past four. Such skinny, helpless babies!

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    • I just hate losing an hour’s sleep in March. I know I will be searching for it all through Summer. Tabby eats when he feels like it, one of the advantages of the hard unappetising vitamin pellets. She always has a bowl full.


  7. Our governor just signed a bill that Florida, where I live, would always stay on Daylight Savings Time. Now it has to go through Congress. That is gonna be really hard on people over the state line in Alabama who come into Florida for work and/or school. Oh, wait…..a politician thought this up…..

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