Thanks Marilyn, this hits the nail on the head for me. This sums it all up. I am not in the States, but in Europe, but does it make a difference. They have the FBI and CIA and we have the same, but with different names.

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Who really thinks they have any privacy remaining?

What a shock it has been, discovering Facebook misused our personal data. Who could have imagined such a thing! Not.

All those cute little games on Facebook were a way for a sleazy political group to gather personal information about us and try to twist us to their goals. Like we didn’t already know that.

I also know people on the internet with blogs who think they are anonymous. They are anonymous from me, but that’s because I’m not interested enough to search for their real data. But — anyone who wants to know can find out anything they want about me or you or pretty much anyone. That’s reality.

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Do you believe you are really hiding from anyone who is actively seeking your personal information? Because I can assure you, the only person you are fooling is…

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3 thoughts on “THE MYTH OF PRIVACY

  1. So so so true – I read about it first in the Observer last Sunday – and I’m glad again not to be on FB, and trying to keep myself private….


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