Good Morning

Morning clouds

A bit of a dark cloud at the bottom, so who knows how the day will be. At the moment it is very cold, but the sun is fighting its way through. I spent too much time this morning taking photos of the daily awakening, but who knows. One day my grandchild/children might look at the photos and see how gran saw the world.


And I even have white crocus with a faint little mauve stripe. I do not even remember planting them, but I think the stripes were a little stronger when they were new.

Crocus 16 (4)

Today I will be on my way again making the surroundings uncertain. The online shopping list has be made although Mr. Swiss and I are still holding a logistic conference about the contents. I have saddled up my walker, perhaps I should oil the wheels, although it has not yet started to creak. The nice think about my model is that it has a platform for carrying my iPad and iPhone. I have even used it for transporting my computer back to its desk from the kitchen table in the morning. They should really develop a walker for computer people with attachments for holding the mouse and other accessories. Perhaps they could integrate a battery for the computer. My wheelchair has a battery and I just have to charge in for an hour after use.


Not wanting to bore you with my rosemary, but it really is still flowering  and this since 8 months. I lost at least 2-3 rosemary plants over the years due to frost, but they now seemed to have accepted the Swiss climate in my garden.

Journey to Langendorf 21.03 (46)

It is now almost a year ago since the builders moved in on our block and began to strip it to the bare bones and rebuild. We suffered 8 months of disruption in our normal daily lives, but now the work is finished and things are back to normal. Everyone says how nice our building now is, but nice is one of those words in the english language that our teachers at school told us never to use, because it says something and nothing – true. However the builders have now moved on and a new skeleton of a new building has appeared along the road. In Spring a new appartment block will be built and the trucks will again be moving back and forth and above all, I will again have something to photograph. Reflecting on our odyssy, I did manage to record it all in over a thousand photos, something else for the grandchildren. I noticed there are cranes everywhere in our area at the moment showing what will be happening.

Journey to Langendorf 21.03 (24)

And now I must make my way to the bathroom and get ready to join the other happy shoppers in the supermarket. Yes life is back to almost the normal routine and it can only get better.

Enjoy the day, treat your computers with the respect and dignity they have earned, and do not forget, someone somewhere in this cyber world is watching your every keyboard and mouse click. Isn’t it nice to be able to share everything with others.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We weren’t allowed to use the word ‘nice’ either. Long ago it meant ignorant/foolish, according to Google.. The words ‘kids’ referring to children was another no-no – kids are baby goats. Those Crocuses look so pretty – or is it Croci 🙂 ?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them here.

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  2. I remember being told by teachers not to use “nice” but our teachers seemed to think that it was just an overused adjective and encouraged us to think of others. Kids were as annapappas says, baby goats so the kids were not alright.

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  3. I spotted some white crocus in OUR “used to be a” garden a few days ago. Then it snowed again. I think crocus time is over, but hopefully the daffodils will have a better climate. So great that you finally felt up to going out again. I get claustrophobic from the snow!

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    • The daffoldils are on their way, I took some photos of the buds today. Our snow days are now gone I hope. Today we even had blue skies, so I took a few photos before I forget what they look like.


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