Daily Prompt: Foreign

Easter Bunnies

Today I completed my collection of Easter Bunnies. Every year in the supermarket three easter new bunnies are born and I collect them. However there have been so many bunnies that they were becoming lookalikes and so this year we got a pink lamb and a chicken, as well as a nice blue bunny. Each of them have a symbol on their tummy, a heart, shamrock and star, and apparently these glow in the dark, although I have not yet seen this happening.

I actually gave up the idea of collecting them this year, as I was not able to go shopping until this week, being incapacitated with my broken leg. However Mr. Swiss collected the points for me and filled up three cards, and now I have the complete family. I have no idea what I will do with them, the problem being that my collection has grown over the years and they are now sitting everywhere in my “office”.

I had another pleasant surprise today. I was taking my afternoon nap, which is becoming more a marathon sleep, and hear the sound of water and something moving in the living room. My eldest son first of all wiped over the kitchen floor and afterwards continued in the living room. I used to do it every day. It was no problem, took a minute or two and as the floor is stone tiling, it kept fresh and clean. Since my accident I am gradually getting back to my cleaning routine, but it is still difficult for me and the living room floor became a little neglected, although it still looked OK. I was so pleased for the help from my oldest son. Of course, Mr. Swiss helps as well, but he has his own movability problems.

Today I achieved the week-end shopping which was a little more strenuous tha the normal, but with Mr. Swiss together I managed to complete it all. The whole world of cleaning and shopping was becoming a little foreign to me over the last couple of months, but I am gradually getting there again.

Next week I report to the chief surgeon doc at the hospital after leaving the hospital. He was not very happy that I did not go to the rehab in the Bernese Overland, where you can stay for two weeks and get the full workout for recovery. It would all have been covered by the insurance, but I told him I prefer to go home. Now I will see him next week and hope to proudly walk in, with my stick and show him that I am on the way. It is next Thursday morning which is the worst day of the year for me as it is the day when I would deal with the Easter shopping. However, we have organised almost everything and Mr. Swiss can drop me off at the hospital and pick me up afterwards, doing the remaining shopping in between.

Daily Prompt: Foreign

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Foreign

  1. Today is another “doctor” day for me. The whole month of March has been doctors or snowstorms. I haven’t been outside much either, and my leg wasn’t broken. It has just been hard to get around on those slippery sidewalks. Today, though, we are going … tada … OUT.

    I have to get something “eastery” for the holiday. I still don’t know what, but hopefully I’ll figure it out before I really have to do the shopping — next week, I think.

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    • I celebrate Easter similar to Christmas which is almost nothing, I just take photos and collect free gifts. I hate having to go anywhere, and just go where I want to. Today was a real Spring day, but I felt too tired to go anywhere. Those doctor visits can be monotonous, especially if you have to wait. Have fun on your outing and take the camera.


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