Good Morning

Snow in the morning

We got a sprinkling of snow in the early morning, but no big deal. It is quite cold outside, but I will survive.

This morning is a bit of a busy morning for me, for a change. Yesterday our gardener called about preparing the bushes and a few bits and pieces. He will be arriving in a few minutes so I will give him a few instructions. I leave the trees and bushes to him, but I have a few odds and ends otherwise. Generally tidying up and perhaps giving a little fresh earth and fertiliser.

Today is a special day for me, they are letting me out again, so it will be a short good morning as I have to visit the bathroom and get ready. I am now movable enough to go shopping, although with my walker and I am now trying to get my old routine back.

The shopping list is completed and I am on my way. Enjoy the day and I leave you with my gardeners.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Yes we are having snow here in Washington DC …. a few inches on the ground already and they say the main storm (second of two …) will hit in a few hours and deliver up to 5-8 inches ( 20 centimeters?) more. Everything is closed. Right now it is coming down in something that looks like huge tufts of cotton. It is pretty and enjoyable … as long as you don’t have to drive in it. DC drivers are notoriously bad drivers in snow. Enjoy your day !!!

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  2. A tad of envy here…. we had a wonderful gardener BUT he got picked to work at the Château of Versailles…. Two years later I heard that he wasn’t SO happy as he was forever doing the same stuff, clipping trees ad shrubs in forms he did’nt like, etc. Wd take him back in a flash but I guess he found other fields!


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