Good Morning


It began to snow this morning and is still snowing, but nothing spectacular that means we have no blocked roads and do not have to battle our way through them. Actually the Swiss take it all with comfort: no panic and some are even glad for the snow. “At last some snow”, “it is not a good Winter without the snow” and “now we can go skiing at the week-end” are some of the phrases heard, but these are the real Swiss, not the paper Swiss like me that generally avoid it where I can.

I am again late this morning, but Mr. Swiss decided on an early shopping trip so I had to adapt with an early shower, as I cannot yet do that on my own with my broken leg. Showering in itself is no problem but I cannot get into the bath and out on my own. I manage to get my good leg over the rim of the bath, but the broken one needs some help. Oh, how I long for the day when everything is in full working order.

In the meanwhile my hands are still having problems. I spoke to the lady who organises my medicine, spoke to my doc and had a look in Internet for MS syptoms and it seems this is very common. I did find some exercises I can do, with my hands that help, but nothing cures. The exercises just give me some more movement. In the meanwhile I am getting used to having spaces in my typing where there should be none, and wrong letters appearing. I scatter objects that I drop because my hands refuse to hold them. The most annoying is that I cannot open the Cola bottle on my own and have to call for help from Mr. Swiss. Afterwards lifting the bottle to pour can also be difficult as those plastic bottles are not very stable.

We planned our Easter shopping list yesterday as that is a little difficult. On Thursday before Good Friday I will be at the hospital for a check up on the mending of my leg. This is the day of big shopping, so we have now planned the menus with food we can buy now and what we have to buy later, to reduce the stress. Mr. Swiss will drop me off at the hospital and go shopping and pick me up when he is finished.  We have almost 2 weeks to organise it all.

And now to organise my day, although the little bit of housework I can now do has been done and the morning is almost over. Have fun, see you around.



7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I started reading this. Then, I had to look up when Easter is — I assumed soon since Passover is soon and they always come together (dig that crazy lunar calendar!) … and after i did that, I got to thinking about the holidays and thinking maybe I should do something about it and totally forgot I was reading this post when it all began. I think I have the focus of a flea these days. Seriously, one though totally knows the previous thought to the ground. I’m going to have to buy some holiday food. Because why not? Lamb chops maybe?


    • All I remember is that Easter shopping is the worst ordesl for a housewife to endure snd this year I will not be able to do anything. Mr. Swiss was concentrating on buying food today that he forgot today’s lunch.
      I dislike these holidays. They are just pure stress. I forget far too much these days and when Mr. Swiss also forgets then that is not good


      • I get mentally lost immediately between even two events. It’s good I don’t have to do my own organizing. I really NEED Garry’s help. I can’t remember anything for more than a minute. And I’m losing half my words in the middle of sentences.

        My hands are being strange too. They go pins and needles for no reason. Shaking them out doesn’t really help. There’s physically a lot of things going on. Too many to list. I’m just trying to take things one at a time. It’s the only way I can manage. I’ve got the cardiologist tomorrow. The psycho-pharmacologist on Friday. The oncologist next week. And the neurologist whenever they can figure out when they can fit me in — again. This spring is not turning out to be a bundle of fun. I think I’d rather think about cooking.

        Lamb chops. Maybe fresh asparagus on the side.

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        • You have a lot on your illness plate, too much. For me your problems relate very much to MS, although what’s in a name. They remain unpleasant. Marcel helps me where he can, but he also has his problems and tends to forget stuff, but so do I. Getting old is not so good. I am also thinking asparagus, it is now the season here


  2. My schedule seems to have deviated from yours. I do not see you when I log off at midnight. We are on Daylight Savings Time here now. Perhaps that has something to do with it.
    Hey, we are sort of getting wintry weather now that it is almost spring. I got to scrape ice off of my windshield! (I just told my readers that there will be no more frost.)

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    • We do not yet have daylight saving so you are now an hour earlier. Since breaking my leg I also have a different routine as everything is going slower.
      We are having a long winter this year and still getting snow flurries. It is also quite cold

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