Daily Prompt: Blush


The only thing that might blush here is the sky. It tends to have such aspirations now and again for some reason known only to itself.

Golden Oldies do not blush, there is nothing that would give us cause to blush. We have been to most places, seen it all and our blushing mechanism has forgotten how to work. I did not even blush when I saw a live performance of the Chippendales.

It all happened many years ago, when I was a working woman. The Chippendales were on tour in Switzerland and visiting a neighbouring town. Someone mentioned it in the office and  were about 8 ladies aged from  22 to 50 that decided to organise an office excursion.  I did the organising and was the oldest of the group. .I remember my boss saying that  he had been trying to get us ladies to go somewhere together for at least 10 years and Mrs. Angloswiss managed to organise it in a few minutes. You just have to find something that is interesting.

On the evening in question, we arrived. We decided on booking front seats, which were a little more expensive, but it was not every day that you can see the Chippendales and we wanted to make the most of it. We did not really need seats and we were standing most of the time, but it was worth it. The wet look part of the show was the best. All those wet t-shirts huggig those wonderful bodies. In the break we could buy various souvenirs I still have my Chippendale Calendar somewhere in the cellar I am sure. I can imagine that the young men are now grandfathers as it happened so long ago.

Of course it was the talk of the office for many days afterwards, comparing good looks and shapes and sizes. Come to think of it I don’t thing their faces were so interesting, it was more other  qualities they had. Could they dance? Not really, but who cared. There are some moments in life that you never forget, with or without a blush.

Daily Prompt: Blush

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Blush

    • I must really search for my calander.When I was in New York I would loved to have seen them Their place was on No. 1 street, but they only let ladies in in the evening – how strange


  1. My friend and I left work early, several years ago, when the Chippendales came to our tri-state fair. We were hoarse the next day, but you could not wipe the smiles off our face. I still have the photo of me sitting on the lap of one of the Chips. Good memories…..

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