Good Morning


The sky is grey again, no clouds and we can be glad it is not raining. An online colleague who lives just over the Swiss border in Germany showed photos of her snow covered garden this morning on the computer, so I suppose we should be satisfied, although we might be getting some of the white stuff today, amongst the flowering crocus and growing hyacinths.

In the meanwhile I let my cat Tabby take over the honours of a morning photo. She meowed that she made a mistake and went outside and now she wants to come inside.

Since my kitchen machine sort of exploded with a puff, I no longer make Swiss rösti.


It would mean scraping raw potato by hand on a raffle and probable scraping a few fingernails  at the same time and staining the potatoe red. We like rösti, a sort of Swiss hashed browns, but it has become complicated, until Mr. Swiss discovered a machine that would grate potatoes manually. I had a look and discovered the electric version, costing twice as much, but not too much, so we got one. In the meanwhile I broke my leg and the machine has been left in the cupboard as I was not really in the mood to discover how it worked.
We were organising the food for the week-end and Mr. Swiss said he would again like a rösti. I agreed, but said I am not fiddling around with a machine I do not know very well. He volunteered and the machine is no ready to be used. It has various cutting wheels and I have no idea how it will turn out.

The ingredients are ready and I have some diced bacon to cook with the potato. That makes it a Bernese rösti as opposed to a plain Swiss rösti without the bacon.

It looks like I will be cooped up again at home today as the weather is not so inviting.

And that is news of the day. What a boring life I lead when the only interesting content is a cat scraping the window to re-enter its home and a machine that cuts potatoes to make a rösti.

Although I read today that the earth has an approaching asteroid that may hit the earth in 2135 eliminating all life. It is called Bennu and the NASA are debating whether to send a rocket to deter its course, or an atom bomb to pulverise it before it arrives. Where have I heard that before. Was it a Hollywood film? In any case a satellite is on its way to take some samples of its surface for examination on the earth. Unless we discover the solution for eternal life, I will no longer be here in 2135 so I can say it is not my problem.

And on this happy note I will leave you to enjoy the day, asteroid free.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. i make those same potatoes, but I don’t cut them up so small now. They come out much the same, though. i used very little potatoes and I cook them in the microwave, then they are soft and easy to cut and I fry them with onions and sometimes some pepper with a variety of spices. Locally, they are generally called “home fries” and because that are usually made at home, exactly how they come out is a rather individual thing. Mine tend to be garlic and onion and a bit crispy.

    I don’t buy machines much anymore. i have a rice cooker that I love, a slow cooker — actually two: a big one and a small one. A food processor and a mixer. That’s it. I have owned a LOT of other devices and eventually, I didn’t use them and gave them away. My kitchen is small. i don’t have room for all that stuff!

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    • Living and cooking for a Swiss family for almost 50 years, I discovered that Swiss Rösti has many sides to it. It is not just fried grated potato, but a tradition. It was often served as a breakfast dish for the farmers before they began their day of work. Anyhow I found this recipe in Internet in english and found it to be almost exactly as I make it. Swiss Rösti step by step Grating the potatoes by hand can be very strenuous, and it no longer works with me as my hands are not so versatile. Our Rösti today was perfect. The machine was a good buy. It is not a processor or mixer, just an electric machine with various shaped metal wheel graters and one is special for rösti. Not too fine and coarse enough. We were happy with the result and I am sure any Swiss farmer would have been glad of it. I do a lot of slow cooking, but just with a deep teflon pan and lid. As I lived with an Indian family for my first two years in Switzerland with an Indian restaurant in Zürich, my rice cooking is no big problem. We prefer safran rice. My food processor was a French Magimix that I got quite reasonably as it was when Mr. Swiss was working for a place where they made industrial bread making machines, but it sort of fused one day and so I was without a good rösti grater. Now my problems are solved. Of course you can add all sorts of spices to a rösti, but we prefer the original Bernese Rösti with the diced bacon.


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