Daily Prompt: Patience

Renovation 19.04 (3)

Patience is not something you can learn, there are no schools that learn patience. It is something you acquire through  experience. I remember as a kid I expected everything to happen at once, but it never did. Waiting a year for Christmas, for Easter and all the other treats you got. Waiting for summer to be able to go on holiday and then a whole year for a birthday.

At the age of 71  patience is no longer a problem, I learned it through life’s lessons. There is a time for everything. Movements are slower, everything needs more time, but it is not important. Just remember to take your pills at the right time and to send people their golden wedding cards or condolence cards.

Last year we had a building invasion. There was noise, dirt and inconvenience. Would it never end? We were told in four months, which became six months and eventually were 8 months. 8 months of summer enclosed in scaffolding. 8 months of waiting for them to go away.

Today the builders are gone, everything back to how it should be and a new summer is approaching, so what was the problem? Everything passes eventually.  We heard that we should again replenish our building funds regularly for the next building attack when in 20 years there will be something new to renew. Who needs patience, in 20 years I will be 91 and who cares, I do not.

Front Garden 14.03.2018

I have my front garden again, complete with chairs and table and my horse chestnut tree in its pot. This tree won it all. It was cast into a corner and almost neglected because it was in the way of the builders. However, as if to spite it all, it flowered, just one white spike of a flower. I planted a chestnut 15 years ago and waited for something to happen. The tree began to grow and I replanted it in a bigger pot. Amongst the disruptions of the buiding siege it flowered for the first time last year. The first time and I hope not the last. This tree showed us all what patience is.

Horse Chestnut 30.04 (2)

Daily Prompt: Patience

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Patience

  1. Patience has been one of my lessons in life and I was very tested when my eldest daughter spent all her waking hours crying for the first few weeks of her life! Now I’m very tested by slow computers, especially at work but there is hope because we’re getting a new system later this year.

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    • I never get impatient with computers, perhaps because I now only need them for my own purpose and no longer for work. I think bringing up four kids, two step and two mine, cured me of impatience. I seemed to spend more time teaching the others to be more patient.

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      • Computers are frustrating at work because you then get a queue of hopeful people waiting to check their books in or out, plus a list of things to do that also require computers. When I qualified, libraries did not have computers, how times have changed!

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  2. We are all patiently waiting for something. Actually, I’m not waiting. Not really. There’s nothing coming down the road that I’m waiting for. Life is what it is, good, bad, indifferent. I think I’m more or less done with waiting. Now, I’m just coping.

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    • Same here, although everyone is telling me at the moment to be patient with my leg, but that too will pass eventually. Mr. Swiss tends to be a little impatient, especially with computer stuff. Me, I dont care. We all get there eventually.


  3. As I just said to Martha, time does funny things when we age. Somehow the days seem much longer, but they pass much more quickly. To me, patience is a balance of these two — because the days pass faster, there is much more patience with the slower passage of time!

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    • Time certainly passes a lot faster, although not really. It is the feeling that we have. I never ever realised that time could play such tricks with the body and change it so much

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