Good Morning


Quite a dramatic sky yesterday afternoon although it was only the background. The weather picked up, got a little warmer and even the sun stayed. It would have been an ideal chance for an excursion in a wheelchair, but I was in a sleep sequence after lunch and when I eventually returned to the real world the afternoon was already half way through. As I need twice as long to dress as I used to, I decided to forget it and stay at home with my computer. No. 1 son was preparing for an excursion to a musical evening in town and there was no big deal preparing the evening meal. But I had a few glances at the good weather outside, and regretted that I did not go places and take photos.

Today is another day, but no great promise of good weather. We now have the so-called ice saint days where the weather should programme itself for three cold days. I do not remember the names of all the ice saints, but one of them is the “cold Sophie” which was my mother-in-law’s name. Although I do not really go with these legends, there is often a cold spell on these days. Today will be a cold day it seems, so I suppose there might be a little truth in it.

Physalis 16 (4)

Yesterday I ventured a little further into the garden. It was a little uneven, the grass is recovering but only in patches, and I took a few photos. I saw that my physalis (lantern flowers) had now dinsintegrated and the orange covers had now disappeared leaving a skeleton showing the seeds in the middle. This is one of my experiments. I read somewhere that these plants tend to develop roots in the underground and new plants should arrive in various places. Yes, little things please little minds, and I now expect a field of physalis in Autumn.

Crocus 16 (4)

I also found some white stripy crocus growing in a flower bed I get surprises every Spring it seems.

Walk Through Feldbrunnen

We still have the mystery of our old kitchen chairs that were neither removed in the general bulk rubbish collection, or in the metal collection. Our garbage people can be very picky on what they take and they probably decided that such a peculiar mixture is not their problem. It is now our problem as they are still sitting outside probably annoying some people. Now Mr. Swiss will have to load them into the car and bring them himself to one of our rubbish disposal places. He might even have to pay. One of the Swiss all day strange ideas.

In the meanwhile I will keep an eye on the weather and set my alarm for my afternoon sleep to go on an excursion. Enjoy your Saturday, it is the week-end so I hope no stress. See you around.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I am hoping the physalis will spread. A lot of the stuff we put out for the bulk rubbish collection usually disappears after a few hours, picked up by various people. They know about the collection and there is no need for such signs. These chairs are kaput and no one is interested.

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  1. We always have to pay for getting rid of things like that. And since we don’t have a dump in this town, we have no choice in the matter. It turns out, there’s only so much room on earth for garbage and we, as humans, have exceeded our limit.

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    • We used to have a dump, but they covered it up and built appartment blocks on it, not my idea of a good place to live. Now it is all burnt in a new plant, at least most of it. Some is recycled


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