Daily Prompt: Incubate

No, I do not think so. I am too old and it would definitely not work. The snails will soon be icubating out in the garden and we will have an increase of a few thousand, if it continues to rain.

Snail eggs

They deposit their eggs in unseen places and they will eventually be everyhere. They do not have to be incubated, they are very independent and hatch all on their own, unfortunately.

In the meanwhile I heard a lot of noise in the kitchen whilst I was taking my golden oldie midday sleep. Mr. Swiss was busy incubating and here is the result that I discovered after my sleep.

Apple Flan

An apple flan made in the Swiss way. i think that is good enough. I checked to see that we have enough whipped cream to top it up and everything is under control.

Daily Prompt: Incubate

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Incubate

    • There might be. Some summers we don’t have so many snails, especially if they are dry summers, but if we get plenty of rain we get a lot of snails. However, since I no longer have many plants in my garden that snails find tasty, I have less. Mr. Swiss apple flans are always good.

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