Good Morning

Helicopter over Feldbrunnen

As I was writing on the computer yesterday afternoon I heard a constant noise. I thought someone might be gardening somewhere. Mr. Swiss said we were being visited by a helicopter. They were collecting new trees and transporting them to the railway track borders to be planted there. Luckily he was ready with his mobile phone camera and took a few photos. He said it was quite a spectacle and many neighbours were watching from their balconies. I thought the noise was from traffic on the main road and so I missed the opportunity for a few closeup photos, but Mr. Swiss took a few good ones.

Clouds A 14.03. 2018 (2)

I also managed a plane photo this week, but it was one of the big ones taking off from either Zürich or Geneva Airport.

Yesterday was a dismal day, so I did not really go anywhere or do anything. Today is a little better, so if the weather co-operates I might be out this afternoon, although Mr. Swiss said it is still putting on glove weather.

I was a bit mystified by my computer yesterday, although it was my own fault really. I have a paid-for anti virus protection, Avira. It has served me for a few years, does not cost the earth and am happy with it. Yesterday I got a message and thought it was Avira, but I got it confused with Avast who were out for customers with their free system. Somehow I did a click in the wrong place and also had a free version of Avast on my system which promptly made Avira inactive. I had Avast once, but do not like it as it can complicate the computer and am happy with my Avira. This morning I examined the problem, and got rid of Avast which was disturbing everything. It was not difficult to eliminate Avast, although I found them a little aggressive when I was doing it. Did I realise I had no further protection and gave me about 10 boxes to cross with reasons why. I ignored it all an am now back to my normal little umbrella with the red background symbolising Avira. My golden oldie brain really did get confused.

I also realised a couple of days ago that all my WordPress entries were linked to my Facebook which is definitely not my attention. I linked them to my special Angloswiss community, but not for every weed and flower that happened to grow in Facebook. On my community Facebook page I can control better what appears there and what not. Facebook is always a risk as you never know who reads what, but at least having a community keeps it a bit more private. I just checked in at Facebook and saw that I can now organise a legacy account, meaning when my time has come, I can appoint someone to continue my account (any volunteers?), or can organise its deletion. Facebook are really making sure that their site will exist forever.

ShrimpAnd now I will depart (just until the afternoon). Mr. Swiss is on a shopping safari. I sent him a photo of the prawns I need. They have various sorts and I prefer the organic ones. They cost a little more, but am more certain that they spent their short lives not swimming in sewage, but in a cleaner environment. Seafood is not indigenous to Switzerland so it has to be imported.

In the meanwhile I am pottering around at home hoping my broken leg does not leave my body. Keep safe everyone.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The high point in my day was getting a thank you note from our electric company for “putting up with them.” Why don’t they BURY the wires like they do in New York?

    No helicopters here. No planes, either. I think I once saw a kite and there are birds … but otherwise, it’s sort of nice NOT hearing them in the sky all the time.

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    • Almost all electric wires are buried here. That has the disadvantage that there are constant road repairs when something needs to be replaced.
      We are not permanently disturbed by air traffic, but often it is done more efficiently and quicker by air


  2. I work with all sorts of trees getting installed, but have not worked with any being installed by helicopter. One of my colleague worked harvested timber that was taken away by helicopter.

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