Good Morning


At least there is a little bit of structure in the sky this morning and even the sun is peeping through. Temperatures are still only around 4° C, but at least they are plus and not minus. Shall I chance a journey today or not. If the weather keeps like this by the afternoon I think I will. Just have to charge up the battery in my wheelchair. It is probably OK but as I have not used it for some time on a long trip I do not want to run out of power somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

I realised today that the Easter shopping circus is getting nearer. I dislike those long holidays where I have to plan the food organisation ahead and on the Thursday before Good Friday I have my big hospital appointment in the morning and Mr. Swiss is away in the afternoon, meaning the shopping will have to be organised on Wednesday thruugh to Monday. In Switzerland the shops are closed during the holiday.


I also took this photo this morning with a mysterious plume of steam arising behind a neighbouring house. That is our waste disposal unit on the other side of the River.

River Aar 17.03 (4)

It is ever present. If you have something to dispose of you can bring it youself. We used it for disposing of some heavy furniture a few years ago.  You drive onto a weighing device and are charged according to weight. You can then throw the items into the pile waiting to be disposed of and everything is turned into ashes.

Of course we also have the regular rubbish collections and today is the day of the bulky goods collection. Yesterday Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son deposited our old kitchen chairs at the side of the road for the collection. All our neighbours are doing the same, just clearing out the rubbish you collect through life. Although  a lot of stuff is deposited, about half is already gone during the morning. It is a signal for surrounding areas to have a look for something they might be able to use and to come and take your pick. What is old and used for us is something new for someone else.


I took the above photo a few years ago, but that is how it looks at the road side and some of the stuff is still in a good condition. Of course you cannot throw out everything together and a second collection is made a day later for metal goods.

Moving time in Switzerland is end March and end September and they are the times when the big collection happens. Of course you can move when it is suitable, but the official times keep things a little better organised according to the powers that be, Swiss idea.

And now to move on, I have other things to do and there will be a shopping trip made today by Mr. Swiss. Have a good day everyone.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I am constantly struck by how clean everywhere looks in your neck of the woods. It used to be like this here in South Africa but countrywide service delivery has always been a major headache once we heralded the arrival of democracy and 25 years plus down the line it still is.
    Although we have weekly refuse collection on Friday in our suburb and also a paper collection on Tuesday the municipal workers are never that careful and inevitably there are always bits and pieces of rubbish left strewn down the street.
    As for maintaining the municipal areas, verges and weeding etc, outside our properties, it is often a case of do it yourself or wait -til goodness knows when for the council to get its backside into gear.
    As we work, from home, our street frontage needs to be presentable at all times, hence, DIY is usually the best route and saves the annoyance and accompanying stress of waiting for the council.

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    • Switzerland is a small country in comparison to many others and so it is probably easier to keep everything under control. Each Kanton has its own rules and regulations about waste disposal. Here it is also collected once a week on Friday. We have special collections during the gardening months once every two weeks for gardening waste. The seem to have everything under control with their vehicles and disposal and they never leave a mess on the street. Althugh I must say we pay enough for the service and we are only allowed to use special bags for the garbage which are quite expensive, so everyone develops their own system of what they dispose of to save money.


    • Yes it is like moving house or appartment. if you move at the official times you can leave your property without having to pay more rent until it is occupied. If you move out of the special dates, you must cotinue to pay the rent for the property until it is rented again.


  2. We don’t get a hard rubbish collection in this area but those places that do I know the same things happen especially in affluent suburbs. People know when pick up day is and come around to see if there is anything nice they can use. Well I am in favour of recycling so why not as long as they don’t leave a mess on the footpath.

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    • It is quite amusing to see people arriving with their own trucks and cars and piling in the rubbish left at the side of the road. I also say why not, because a lot of the stuff being thrown out can be used again.


  3. We only have a bulky goods collection once every two or three years and you have to bring it all to a collection site. Lucky for us, it is on our street. They bring in 5 or 6 big trucks and load things as people drop them. Sure would love to have it twice a year! I hope the outing went well!

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    • We have it twice a year and it is very useful. We always have a good look at what we really need and get rid of the stuff we no longer. My idea is to live as if you are going to move monthly and do not collect baggage you do not need.The outing was perfect. The sun was shining, temperatures of 20°C and yes, I can still do it. I said to Mr. Swiss buying my wheelchair was one of the best investments I ever did.

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  4. We have to pay for any large items we dispose of. Per item. And it is expensive. So everyone winds up keeping a lot of things they don’t need because it’s too expensive to get rid of it. Also, some stuff — like old televisions — are considering “hazardous” and you have to pay extra extra to get rid of them. So we have a huge old TV in the basement that will probably be here long after we are gone!

    The holidays are coming here too and you just reminded me. I had forgotten how soon they are arriving. i am SO unready.

    Tomorrow I have to go for a brain scan. Hopefully, they will discover I still have some!

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    • We are lucky that can take all electric stuff to the supermarket store. It costs nothing, just the inconvenience of bringing it and they dispose of it. Eternit containers are a problem as they have asbestos, so you have to pay extra.
      We have a problem with the holiday this year as I have to have my leg check up on The Thursday before Easter. Mr. Swiss will drop me off at the hospital and go shopping and pick me up afterwards.
      Good luck withe tge brain scan. I had something like that to diagnose my MS


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